Make Your Own Cereal Box Puzzles

Cereal box puzzles are a fun way to recycle old boxes and help your kids use their imaginations. The sky is the limit with this fun craft! I got the idea to create cereal box puzzles from a lady at my church.  She was discussing how her kids learned early reading skills through interacting with […]

How to Make Paper Plate Masks

Paper plate crafts are so much fun! We’ve made paper plate roses and other paper plate crafts with kids.  But this time, we were inspired by imagination.  Since my three-year-old pretends to be a fairy or a superhero almost every day, we crafted these quick and easy paper plate masks to help look the part! I love paper plate […]

Making a Mess: Preschoolers Painting with Balls

Do your kids enjoy making a mess?  I know that mine do!  And one of our favorite ways is Painting With Balls. We got a really fun book in the mail from Penguin books, Mess: The Manual of Accidents and Mistakes, by Keri Smith.  This is such a fun book filled with activities and ideas […]

4 Seasons Seek and Finds {Free Printable!}

Today, we are featuring four super cute free kids printable seek and finds from the Little Bunny series! These are perfect for learning the seasons and challenging young minds.   Little Bunny Activity Printable: 4 seek and finds perfect for teaching the seasons. Children will enjoy finding the hidden pictures while coloring in the pictures. Pages for Kids: Perfect […]

Simple Origami Paper Boats {Plus Snack Mix!}

For my family summer looks a lot like this: play in the water, eat a snack, repeat.  With the help of our sponsor Horizon Organic and this super fun and simple kid craft, I found a way to combine our two favorite summer activities.  Learn how to create these simple origami paper boats, plus a delicious […]

Stay Cool with These Ice Activities for Kids

Ice activities are a necessary outdoor play ingredient in Texas summers where temps haven’t dipped below 100 this week. Solid frozen water is my preschooler’s friend.  They can drop cubes, watch ice melt on their chalk drawings, chomp on cubes, throw them down their shirts. Pretend cook, stirring icy slivers.  Here are some of our […]

Learn About The Ocean

Do you have a kiddo who can’t get enough of the ocean?  Learn about the ocean with the help of technology!  Explore the deep blue without even leaving the house!  Here at Kids Activities Blog we have partnered with our sponsor Verizon FiOS to bring you the best TV, YouTube, apps, and websites for learning […]

12 Preschool Activities to Keep Little Hands Busy

Today we are featuring a dozen preschool activities that will get little hands INVOLVED.  These activities for preschoolers will spark curiosity and maintain little attention spans! Kids Activities Blog is so excited to have featured Teach Preschool earlier today as a best blog pick.  Now we are highlighting some of our favorite preschool activities from […]

{Kid Craft!} DIY Marble Maze

Your kids will love making this fun and easy marble maze.  The only thing more fun than making it is playing with it!  We’ve partnered with our sponsor Horizon Organic, to bring you this creative kid made toy.  We love giving kids the chance to design their very own toys, this activity fosters independence and nurtures imagination.  Gather […]

No-Mess Monster Craft

It’s always great when kids can get a fun sensory experience with paint without actually touching the paint.  If I plan an activity where my kids come into contact with paint I know I’m bargaining for about 30 minutes to an hour of clean-up around our house (of course, sometimes it’s fun to just embrace […]

Blowing Bubbles to Make Art

Blowing bubbles to make art is a great way to discuss hyperbolic pressure… or to just enjoy making a mess creating colorful designs with your kiddos. What you need to make Soap Bubble Art: 1 T Dish Soap 3 T Water water soluble food coloring (10 drops) straws cardstock paper (You can use computer paper or […]

10+ Awesome Art Apps for Kids

With the help of our sponsor, Verizon FiOS, Kids Activities Blog found the very best art apps for kids.  Your kids will love stretching their creative muscles with these totally awesome tablet and smart phone apps for kids.  From drawing to cartoon production to music, these apps make being creative extra fun, and mess free! […]

Adorable Bunny Valentine Cards {Free Kids Printable}

Today, we have Valentine card printables from the Little Bunny series! These sweet little bunny free kids printables are perfect for handing out to classmates or even family members!  Your kids will have a blast decorating them, and they have the cutest messages. We love them! Little Bunny Valentine Cards: These Valentines from the Little Bunny series offer options for […]

20 of the Best Gifts for Preschoolers

Gifts for preschoolers are so fun to shop for, but there is so much to choose from and no one wants to give something that will end up in the bottom of the toy box.  Kids Activity Blog has gathered twenty of the very best gift ideas that are sure to be favorites for years. 20 of the […]

Monster Coloring Pages

These free printable monster coloring pages are kooky, spooky, and fun!  My son loves monsters so I created these coloring printables with him in mind.  Monsters are extra fun to color because they can be any color of the rainbow.  Print them out and let the creative coloring begin! 3 Cool Monster Coloring Pages This […]

5 Little Ghosts No-Sew Finger Puppets

Get into the Halloween spirit with these adorable no-sew finger puppets.  Your little ones will love creating and playing with these sweet and spooky little ghosts.  This simple craft is perfect for fingerplay, I’ve even included a few fun rhymes!  With both preschoolers (who will love playing with these) and younger children (who might prefer […]

Mess-Free Road Trip Activities for Preschoolers

For me, mess-free road trip activities are a must!  Long car rides with preschoolers are stressful enough without worrying about scraping stickers off the windows or scrubbing melted crayon off the back seat.  But you’ve got to keep them occupied right?  Kids Activities Blog has got you covered with the very best mess-free road trip activities […]

Bunny Thank You Notes {Free Printable!}

Today, we are featuring the cutest little thank you notes printable from the Little Bunny series. It’s so important to teach kids the value of a thank you note at a young age, and these free kids printables make it an easy lesson! They even have their very own printable envelopes! ADORABLE! Little Bunny Activity Printables: […]

3 Back to School Printables for Kids

Today, we have back to school printables from the Little Bunny series! Before you know it, summer will be over and we will be back in school!  These super cute free kids printables are perfect for getting ready at home or even for the first day.  Each printable is a fun seek and find.  But, kids can enjoy using these as […]

{3 in 1} Free Kids Printables

Today, we have more Free Kids Printables from the Little Bunny series. Matching games for kids are not only fun, but also a great way to sneak in some learning.  These free kids printables can be used as coloring sheets, a matching game, or a little book of opposites. Kids will learn as they play! Little Bunny Free Kids Printables: […]

Free Kids Craft Printables

Today, we have free kids craft printables from the Little Bunny series! Around our house, my kids love to cut, color, and play. These free kids printables are perfect for them.  I just love the little finger puppets. I could play with them all day! Little Bunny Free Kids Craft Printables: Each craft is different and each is […]

Days of The Week Mural {Free Kids Printable!}

Today, we have free printable days of the week mural from the Little Bunny series! This is way cool because each free kids printables is a different coloring sheet for the days of the week and that all fits together to make a mural! Little Bunny Activity Days of the Week Mural: Create a mural with a classroom of […]

Fizzing Sidewalk Paint

This Fizzing Sidewalk Paint is by far one of our kids’ most favorite play recipes. Sidewalk chalk is fun, painting is fun, and making things fizz is also fun! Let’s do all three! This is a really simple recipe to create sidewalk chalk “paint” out of food coloring, baking soda and cornstarch.  We have made the […]

Sock Mopping: Exercise and Clean at the Same Time

In my house, cleaning the dining room is a fun family affair.  One of our favorite ways to clean the floors is sock mopping! Maybe your kids will enjoy helping you sock mop your floors!  If you are looking for other ideas to involve your children in household chores, check out How To Get Kids To […]

{Shape Garden} Kids Free Activity Printables

Today, we’re excited to be sharing free activity printables from the Litte Bunny series. This time, we’ve got a printable board game for you!  We’ve already shared our fun math printable, but this game is perfect for learning shapes.   Whether kids do this game on their own or with a friend, they are going to love the beautiful result. […]

Rainbow Cupcakes

My daughter just turned four! Her birthday request was for rainbow cupcakes. I was imagining rainbow icing till she explained she wanted the entire cupcake to be a rainbow. How on earth would I make that? Then I remembered the blog post I read from Shannon, at Milk and Cuddles, there was hope! We could make […]

{Clean-Up Time} Free Kids Printables

Today, we are featuring 2 fun free kids printables from the Little Bunny series. Make clean-up time fun with these adorable free kids printables.  The first printable is a seek and find while the second is a matching game!  After finishing these free kids printables, kids can talk about where to put away belongings in […]

Kinetic Sight Word Activity… With a Beach Ball

Have I told you about our Fridays? We are homeschooling our oldest two kiddos and Fridays are our fun learning day! We count with legos, we have “PE at the park”, and we play sight word ball. Even our two and one year old kiddos join in the fun! Fun Sight Word Activity This is […]

8 Sensory Bins Perfect for Preschoolers

Sensory bins are a lot of fun.  They’re also wonderful tools to develop the senses and explore our fine motor skills.  Here are some really great sensory bins that are perfect for your preschool aged child.  Learning through play is the best! These amazing bins come from our best blog feature, Crayon Freckles, we introduced you to […]

Paper Mache for Preschoolers

Do you remember doing paper mache when you were little? I remember making paper mache balls from balloons, covering them in layers of newspaper, waiting for them to dry before popping the balloon inside. My sisters and I used to make different kinds of masks and create elaborate drama productions for our parents. We loved […]