File Folder Games

little hand working heart puzzle

I recently discovered some fun games and activities that I can make at home for my little girl.

They are called File Folder Games.

There are tons of free templates for File Folder Games on the Internet but this particular one I made is a pattern matching game.

little girl with heart game File Folder Games are so easy to make!

I found the Heart Pattern Match Up Game at Preschool Printables.  I just printed the pages on my color printer and cut them out.   Take a look at their sidebar for lots of other fun File Folder Games you can make.

I attached one set of patterned hearts to the file folder which serves as the game board and kept the other set of matching hearts loose.

You don’t have to laminate the pieces but I know how rough my kids are so laminate is my friend.  Office supply stores can laminate but I found a good deal for large laminating at a local school supply store.  They can put all of the folders and little game pieces in the laminate and have it ready for me in just a few minutes while I wait.

making file folder games

The hardest part of making File Folder Games is cutting out all of the little pieces from the laminate.

One the game pieces are cut out you could present the game to your child as is and just let them place the matching piece in the correct spot.

Or if your kids are like mine and have a weird obsession with velcro, you can add a little piece of velcro to your game board and matching piece so the kids can have fun pulling the pieces on and off.

velcro hearts

And don’t think that File Folder Games are just for toddlers.  My older son loved using this American Sign Language File Folder Game from File Folder Fun to learn to sign the alphabet.

sign language file folder game

Here are some other great sites for free templates for File Folder Games:

File Folder Fun

Enchanted Learning

Ideas for Preschoolers

Preschool Printables

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