monday potluck: i am bringing quinoa

Potlucks are on Mondays

It is officially 2012 and I am throwing a Monday potluck.

It is kinda a resolution.

{It will likely fall to wayside about the third week in January.}

But while I am still enthusiastic about it…


We are going to start with a brand, spankin’ new feature for 2012…

Holly is living better through Pinterest?

holly is living better through pinterest {The new banners are fancy, eh?}

OK, so against my better judgement a month or so ago, in a weak moment, I joined Pinterest.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with the internet’s latest TIME waster, Pinterest is a place where you can share pictures and articles that you like with your friends.  Oh, I know it sounds just like Facebook and Twitter and StumbleUpon and Blog Frog and Instagram {all places I am already sharing pictures and articles that I like with my friends}, but it is HYPER-sharing of creative ideas.

I just FEEL creative and productive while wiling away the hours at Pinterest…

…which is part of the problem.

If I am COLLECTING ideas, but never ACTING on them.  It qualifies as WASTED TIME.


If I am COLLECTING ideas to ACT on them.  Pinterest qualifies as RESEARCH!

So, to justify my new addiction, I am trying out some of the projects I pin and will be reporting back during Monday’s potluck.

Which is a LOVELY way to move into the next question…

Is Quinoa the new black?

quinoa It seems like EVERYWHERE I look there is some sort of Quinoa recipe or something that looks yummy that contains Quinoa.

I don’t even know how to pronounce it.

OK, in case anyone ever asks me to read this aloud {very unlikely}, this is how you pronounce quinoa:

I know!

Usually you come by here and don’t learn a thing!  But we are starting out 2012 different around here!

Anyhoo, I found some fun Quinoa recipes and will be posting a vegetarian slider recipe later this week that was ABSOLUTELY delightful.

And then there is this…

behold holly's lunch Yes.  That is my lunch today.  All cute and packaged in a Mason jar.

See how much better my life is with Pinterest?

I came across Fat Girl Trapped in a Skinny Body Salad in a Jar post.

It is genius.  You layer the salad dressing on the bottom with dressing-tolerant ingredients and then can store it up to 4 days in the fridge.

And as if ONE new potluck feature wasn’t enough, here is YET another…

Stuff Holly Writes Elsewhere

stuff holly writes elsewhere One of my very favorite projects of all time published last week over at Quirky Momma, How to Build a Lego Table.

Blog-Stedman and I helped Santa out a bit by putting together this IKEA hack to create a Lego table for older kids.  All the tables we found were sized for toddlers…which is weird since toddlers don’t really PLAY with Legos, they EAT them.

diy lego table The entire process took an afternoon and around $200.  All the plans, supplies and measurements are over at QM.

The boys have spent DAYS playing on it and you wouldn’t even recognize it now because there seems to be an overwhelming amount of traffic in Lego Table Land.

Lego traffic jam

And no matter WHAT the year might be, inquiring minds want to know…

What is in Holly’s Fruit Bowl?

What is in Holly's Fruit Bowl? It is a new year.

I just went to the grocery store.

I have aspirations for a healthier 2012 and have a very bountiful fruit bowl today:

  • a bag of Cuties
  • a bunch of bananas
  • red apples
  • green apples
  • an upholstery tack that fell off one of the dining room chairs {yet unidentified}

Happy Monday!  Go forth and pin with justification.


4 days later teeth whitening

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