Polly Pocket Bracelet

Polly pocket bracelet craft I have a preschooler who loves her Polly Pocket dolls and accessories and an infant who wants to put the tiny brightly colored bits into her mouth!  We tried keeping the tiny shoes, combs and purses contained and tidy – but were not successful.  Solution: Make a Polly Pocket Bracelet!  This was a perfect early threading activity for my new-to-needle-and-thread gal.

We have used Polly Pocket dolls in Learning Activities.  Check out our sight-word game.


Polly Pocket accessory bracelet


Do you have a bunch of Polly Pocket accessories waiting to be re-purposed?  These bracelets are so cute.  My older girls get to enjoy their dolls shoes and accessories and I don’t need to worry about the safety of my crawling explorer.


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