20 Frugal Activities For Kids

Beat weekly boredom with these frugal activities for kids –  this fun collection of low-cost, and in most cases no-cost, craft activities will keep your kids entertained on weekdays, weekends and holidays, using everyday objects and materials from around the house.

frugal activities for kids

Read on for ooodles of inspiration for fun and frugal activities for kids.

Easy Forts via Artbarblog
I have never met a child who doesn’t love small, enclosed spaces where they can hide their stuff, and hide themselves. All you need is a bed sheet and some clothes pegs.

Paperbag Painting via Artbarblog
Created with recycled grocery bags and some mixed-media art supplies, these paintings are perfect for the little ones.

Cookie Board Game via Kids Activities Blog
All you need is colored tape for this super fun DIY board game – watch and giggle while your kids nibble as they play.

frugal activities for children

Cereal Box Gift Bags via creativejewishmom
There’s nothing I love more than to see children’s drawings and artwork come to life.

DIY cardboard animals via SmallForBig
There is so much you can do with a brown box, cereal box, or any cardboard, oh my goodness!

DIY Shoebox Dollhouse via MollyMooCrafts
Cardboard crafting to inspire play – all you need are some shoeboxes

20 frugal activities for kids on Kids Activities Blog

Craft Stick Dolls via MollyMooCrafts
So simple and so fun – and the drawings are so cute. Just imagine the possibilities… families, pirates, pets, anything is possible.

Sticking Around via IsaacgGraceLily
Sticks can be such imagination boosters – the characters you can create are endless and you can hit the neighborhood and leave the stick characters around to bring a smile to others. So wonderful.

20 frugal activities for kids on Kids Activities Blog

Paper Plate Roses via Kids Activities Blog
Something so pretty and precious from a humble paper plate.

Glittering Wizzard Wands via Kids Activities Blog
What’s not to love!! time for some Jiggery Pokery and Hocus Pocus….

Papier Mache For Preschoolers via Kids Activities Blog
Gooey paste, sculpting, messy!! the perfect frugal fun that kids just love…and all you need is some newspaper.

20 frugal activities for kids on Kids Activities Blog

Toilet Roll Aeroplane via MollyMooCrafts
All you need to make is a toilet roll tube, scissors and paint….. fueled by your child’s imagination. Frugal activities for kids just don’t come much more frugal than this!

Junk Critters via Tinkerlab
Breathing new life and character into found objects, bits and pieces from around the house. Love it!

Make Your Own Juggling Balls via Kids Activities Blog
Lentil filled balloons with the best grip for learning how to juggle.

20 frugal activities for kids on Kids Activities Blog

DIY Wind Sock via MyLittle3AndMe
Quick, easy and cheap – so easy to do you’ll be ready to take it outside to play within minutes.

Pasta Necklaces via PinkStripeysSocks
Paint your pasta and string along on yarn – so simple, so striking. I fancy some polka dot ones :)

DIY Matching Pairs Game “Don’t Wake The Shark” via MollyMooCrafts
Free printable – just print, glue and play a game of matching pairs ‘with a twist’.

20 frugal activities for kids on Kids Activities Blog

Twig and wool teepee via Elhadadepapel
A miniature tent to inspire hours of play.

Paper Robots via Artbarblog
The best part about this project is that there is no right or wrong way to make a robot. In fact, the more absurd the better!

Super Simple Listening Game and Craft for Kids via Kids Activities Blog
Making your own “telephone” is one of those DIY Toys that your kids will have fun exploring and playing with.

20 frugal activities for kids on Kids Activities Blog

I hope you enjoy making some or all of these fantastic frugal activities for kids!  These are just some of my favorite kids activities, kids crafts, learning fun and games – there’s plenty more featured on Kids Activities Blog and shared on our pinterest board.  Make sure you’re following!

Happy Crafting
Michelle xx


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