DIY LEGO Storage Pick Up & Play Mat

As you may have noticed, we are a little LEGO crazy around here.  I love this project because if you don’t have the space for a dedicated LEGO table, this LEGO play mat is a great play and storage solution.

Make a LEGO Pick Up and Play Mat - Kids Activities Blog


DIY LEGO Storage Play Mat

To create your pick up and play mat, you will want to decide how large to make the area.  This might depend on the age of your kids or the number of toys that will regularly be part of your set.

We use this for LEGO bricks, but your child’s favorite toy set would work as well!

LEGO play mat for kids - Kids Activities Blog

We chose a sturdy fabric that would stand up to hours and hours of wear.  The standard width of a bolt of fabric is 45 inches, but many of the decorator fabrics used for upholstery and design are wider at 60 inches.

Our fabric is a wider one cut into a circle with a 5 foot diameter.  My kids helped me figure out the length of the rope we would need by finding the circumference of a circle.

See how we snuck a little math in there?

The circumference of a circle is it’s diameter times pi.

Since our circle has a diameter of 5 feet we found that we needed nearly 16 feet of rope to just go around the circle.

A 2 inch pocket was sewn around the circle edge and the rope was knotted and threaded through the pocket.  We tied the rope ends together and then trimmed off the ends.

DIY LEGO Mat - Kids Activities Blog

The kids were excited to try it out.  In no time, it was filled with LEGO bricks and half-created sculptures and buildings.

I love that at the end of play time, the rope can be pulled gathering up all the bricks inside and it can hang on a hook on the back of our entry closet door!

Shhhhh…if sewing isn’t your thing, then I found this activity playmat on Amazon that is similar {affiliate link}.

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