10 Ways to Show Your Kids that Math is Fun!

Do your kids think math is fun?  If they don’t, we’re going to show you a few ways to practice math skills with them that they will enjoy.  Inspired by Planet Smarty Pants, here are some ways to show your kids that learning math doesn’t have to be boring!

10 Ways to Show Your Kids that Math is Fun!

10 Ways to Show Your Kids that Math is Fun!

1.  Eat your fractions!  Use lunch time as a learning opportunity to talk about fractions since we often learn faster with visuals.

2.  Try math squares for a new way to practice basic math operations at home or at school.

3.  Use your tablet!  If your kids love electronics then get them this math app that is perfect fun for Kindergarten all the way through grade five.

4.  Here are some fun ways to learn by using an abacus.  You can eve make your own!

5.  Use straws and pipe cleaners to build 3D shapes like a cube.

6.  Help teach your kids about money with these fun activities like playing shop and giving small allowances for helpful chores.

7.  Don’t just teach them that match can be fun, show them it can be tasty, too!  These math activities use jellybeans to teach multiplication and division.

8.  Instead of practicing math you can read about it in these fun books!

9.  Learn about measuring with ribbons by cutting them to the length of different body parts and seeing how long your arms and legs are.

10.  Here is a round-up of posts dedicated to making math a little more fun.  There are over 100 different blog posts listed here, broken down by category and age group.

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