How to Plan a First Birthday Party

Although every child’s birthday is an occasion to celebrate, certain years seem to be significant childhood markers. Baby’s first birthday party is surely a milestone event!

What’s a good way to observe such an occasion?

How do you decide on a birthday party theme?  




How to Plan a First Birthday Party

On my blog, Spaceships and Laser Beams, we specialize in boy birthday parties—that means I have lots of festive plans to share with you! Whether you’re looking for invitation ideas, decoration themes, cake inspiration or party favors, we have suggestions to help.

A primary consideration for a first birthday is what kind of party do you want; what’s important to you?  Is this to be an intimate family gathering or are you anticipating a crowd? I’ve known families that celebrate a first birthday party by having a casual family picnic; I’ve seen some whose soirees look like something from a movie set. Either way or anything in-between works!

Because a little one can’t verbalize preferences, often parents base a party theme on something that is significant to their family. For example, outdoor enthusiasts might go for a woodland theme and incorporate baby animal images. For a family who spends time on the water, a nautical theme could be popular and is usually full of boats and blue and red colors. Bibliophiles might choose a favorite book message as a first birthday motif. There are several childhood classics that talk about how much the child is loved.

Another way to go about choosing a theme is to build on hopes parents have for their baby. A vintage airplane or hot air balloon images convey potential for soaring to great heights. There are also first baby themes that are just cute! Farm themed parties include lots of barnyard animals. Teddy bears, rainbows, exotic safari animals, cowboys or friendly robots are just a few of the ideas you might choose.

First Birthday Party Themes

Generally, first birthday parties do not include party games for the guests. However, if you will have young party guests who are likely to be bored with “just talking”, set up an activity area to amuse them. It can be something as simple as crayons and coloring pages. Decide what to offer based on their ages.

For the more mature attendees, having them write advice for the baby or hopes for baby’s future can produce some real gems! Share them at the party for conversation starters or retain the notes as personal keepsakes.

One thing you don’t want to forget is having a separate “smash” cake in addition to what you offer guests. Baby can experience it with mouth, fingers and hair—and you’ll have fun taking pictures! Some moms prefer to use a special bib on baby; some would rather do a quick outfit change after the event. Don’t be too disappointed if your little one shows scant interest in the special cake this first time, though. You’ll still get sweet pictures!

One last tip: keep in mind that baby will be an adorable centerpiece, but he won’t remember a moment of it! Be sure to plan for lots of photo ops that include baby and guests for future reminiscing. Regrettably, some of the dear, senior attendees might not be able to share much of baby’s future, but you’ll want that visual record of their love and support to share with your child when he can understand how very much he was celebrated.

What was the theme of your baby’s first birthday party…or what would you choose?



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