How to Make Neon Colored Rice

There are some things in life we do just because they are fun.  This is one of them!

Neon rice can be part of a sensory box or in this case, a table.  The cool thing is that you can then turn on a black light to play!

Make Neon Rice - it glows with a black light!

How to Make Neon Rice

Let’s start by stating the obvious…this is NOT rice for eating.

This is rice for playing.  If you child is still putting things into his/her mouth, then wait a bit before introducing this type of play activity.

Make Neon Rice - it glows with a black light!

You will need for each color:

  • 4 cups of un-cooked rice
  • Neon Paint
  • 1/8 cup of rubbing alcohol

Place into a sealed baggie and shake and swish until well mixed.

Make Neon Rice - it glows with a black light!

We converted our sandbox table into a neon rice table so it is at the perfect kid-level for play.

Add a few clear containers, scoops and plastic pitchers for all sorts of colorful play.

Make Neon Rice - it glows with a black light!

A big thanks to Kimberly (the child who loves her new rice table) and Krystal Silla for sending us this idea!

If you have never colored rice before, you might find our 6 Tips to Make Colored Rice helpful!

For a black light you can change out a regular bulb to a blacklight bulb or get a blacklight flashlight {both affiliate links}.  To turn this into a science activity you can explore what makes a blacklight a blacklight!

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