Trials of motherhood…

I don’t know exactly how it started, but at some point Rhett (2) associated medicine with gum.

When his older brothers ask for gum and I agree, Rhett starts pleading for medicine. I am sure at some point in the history of Rhett I must have doled out Tylenol for teething pain in the same hour that his brothers received gum. For some reason the connection stuck. Really stuck.

Rhett has always had a complex about how mean I am for now allowing him gum at his tender age. In his mind he is five…so what is the big deal? I think that his revenge is this medicine plea which quite honestly may require my mental institutionalization in the near future.

This is a sample conversation. Please remember the child is 2:

Brothers: Mom can we have gum?
Me: yes.
Rhett: Gum?
Me: No.
Rhett: Medicine?
Me: No.
Rhett: My mouth hurt. Medicine?
Me: No.
Rhett: My toe hurt. Medicine?
Me: No.
Rhett: My arm hurt. Medicine?
Me: No sweetie, I am not giving you medicine today.
Rhett: I fell at Target (points to head). Medicine?
Me: No. We didn’t go to Target today.
Rhett: I fell at Peter Piper Pizza (points to toe). Medicine?
Me: No. We haven’t been to Peter Piper Pizza for a month.
Rhett: I fell at Chuckeee-Cheeeeeee (points all over). Medicine?
Me: No. I told you that I am not giving you medicine today. You are fine.
Rhett: Ryan hit me (big blue eyes looking up with tears pooling). Medicine?
Me: No. Your brothers are in the other room. No one hit you.
Rhett: Reid kick me (lower lip trembles). Medicine?
Me: NO! Rhett, your brothers haven’t hurt you. I repeat. I am not giving you medicine. For any reason. Anytime today. None.
Rhett: Gum?

He has very convincing argument. To date I have stood strong in my resolve. But he is wearing me down.

I cannot say that a jury of his peers would be so rock solid which is why I am keeping him away from any ambulence chasers. That falling in public story coupled with the big blue eyes filling with tears would sway even the toughest judge…

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