25 Super Simple Activities: Bucket List for the Toddler Years

How would you like 25 super ideas to entertain your toddler during summer break from preschool?  Looking for some quick and simple activities that are sure to keep them engaged (with minimal prep-work)??  We at Kids Activities Blog hope you enjoy this “Toddler Bucket List”, inspired by Creative by Kids. For more toddler activities check out this updated collection.

25 Super Simple Activities: Bucket List for the Toddler Years {Your kids will love them}

25 Super Ideas

1. Sing into a bucket

2. Sing into a fan

3. Blow up a balloon and let it go -try to catch it.

4. Roll down a hill or roll yourself up like a burrito in a blanket.

5. Create a sensory tub

Simple Activities

6. Mop the floor in your socks

7. Build a blanket fort indoors

8. Read all afternoon, outside

9. Stay outside for an entire day exploring your backyard

10. Finger paint with your toes

Bucket List

11. Play with your food.

12. Put Color on the mirrors with dry erase markers or paint

13. Play with shaving cream

14. Build towers out of the Tupperware

15. Have a tea party for your toys

Toddler Years

16. Celebrate a dolls birthday party

17. Collect canned goods for a food drive.

18. Dig in dirt

19. Add some bling and play with glitter

20. Create with tape.

Activities for Toddlers

21. Wash the car together

22. Blow bubbles in your milk (or in paint)

23. Make your own playdough (or goop)

24. Have a make up party and put makeup on Mommy

25. Create an obstacle course and hop through it (or slide like a snake, or gallop like a horse, etc.)

How have you engaged your toddlers in play today?  We’d love to hear about it in the comments!

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We hope your toddler enjoys these super simple activities.  What are some activities you would put on a bucket list for the toddler years?  If you would like to browse for some other kids activities, we certainly have a lot that we think you will enjoy.  Here are just a few:

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