{Get Muddy} Things to do outside

Spring is in the air, here in Texas we get a head start!!  The kids are simply itching to get outside, and get dirty!  We’ve spent the winter filling up our pinterest boards with ideas of activities for Spring gleaned mostly from our weekly Kid’s Meme, It’s Playtime.  Today’s post was inspired by Growing A Jeweled Rose – she made my kids “goo” and “ga-ga” at the computer.  Thanks Crystal!!


Here are a dozen of our favorite “dirty” activities for kids, including Crystal’s:
Its playtime:  Lots of activities for kids... outdoors!

I love how this preschool class created outdoor sculptures using scrap wood, a drill and dowel rods.  This “Yard art” is both simple and fun!

Oh. My. Word.  This is by far our kids *favorite* mud activity.  The kids begged me to create a mud pit like the one at Growing a Jeweled Rose.  She’s a daring momma!  Want to see your kids drool with excitement?  Show them her blog post!

Do your kids collect snails?  Ours do!  Check out the “snail garden” made by the fella over at Creative Play House.

Who says landscaping is something left to the “professionals” – Here is a way to get your kids involved in the yard work.

Try to incorporate learning into play.  Watch your kids build a volcano in your backyard.

My girls *love* this activity… and thankfully, we have a neighbor who doesn’t mind sharing from her flower beds.  Make a floating flowers display.

12 ways to get dirty with your kids

Bring the “green” with your wherever you go with a fun leafy necklace.  The kids over at Little Learning for Two had fun threading leaves.

Do you have an “outdoor” pet?  We are debating getting a tortoise for your kids to play with (better for hot dry climate) – this family enjoys a turtle.

Do you have some awe-inspiring spiders in your yard?  I miss them from our old home.  Wish I had known how to preserve a spider web.  The kids would have enjoyed this educational activity!

Make a crown for the princess in your life, using grapevines and flowers – what a fun “natural craft” for kids!

We hope to make this homemade water table this Spring, from Keeping my Toddler Entertained – I expect that we will get many hours of play from it.

Get out the play kitchen toys – and tell your kids to whip up a batch of dirt soup!


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