Homemade Christmas Gift: {Play Dough} Melting Snowman

Simplify your Christmas spending with this homemade Christmas gift idea.  Every child loves play dough and this adorable melting snowman makes a great stocking stuffer or Christmas party favor.  Kids Activities Blog loves ideas like this that are thrifty but also melt your heart.

homemade Christmas gift

Homemade Christmas Gift

Have you seen the Melting Snowman Cookies?  They are adorable and fun. Here’s a simple version that doesn’t require baking because it’s not edible.  It’s an activity that your kids will enjoy for hours using play dough.

I am carrying over our series from my website: Home Made Stocking Stuffers to here and sharing this fun one with you.  Stockings are a wonderful tradition that I didn’t grow up with but I want to do with my kids. One of the ways we are simplifying our Christmas spending is by making some of our stocking stuffer gifts for each other.  I can’t wait to see what my boys make me. They are 8, 5 and 2, I do plan on helping our youngest create something fun for his siblings.

Play Dough

This idea will also make a fabulous class gift or party favor. I like to share with you all, class gift and party favor ideas because I am always on the look out for those.  This Melting snowman is perfect for your holiday party or class Christmas party favors.  All of my kids love to play with play dough and especially pretend playing it, so rest assured this little gift idea will get lots of use with the kids.

You can choose to make play dough from scratch but you can also just purchase white play dough from the store.  It’s not hard to make so don’t let making it intimidate you.

You will need:

  • Baggie
  •  plastic wrap
  • White play dough
  • Puffy paint or black sharpie
  • orange construction paper
  • ribbon

Melting Snowman

1. You will need to place your play dough in a sealed tight baggie for the body. And take a small amount for the head that will be placed in the plastic wrap with the end taped.

2. Draw the face on the head with puffy paint or sharpie.

3. Cut out an orange piece of construction paper for the nose and glue onto the face.

4. Attach the head to the body with hot glue.

5. Make sure it’s secure and then add the ribbon to the head for the scarf.

6. Draw the arms and buttons with puffy paint or black sharpie.

That’s it! Simple, cute and practical! I love those kind of crafts.

More Homemade Christmas Gift Ideas

Make a homemade Christmas gift that comes from the heart.  Play Dough is always a great gift for kids but here are a few more ideas to consider:

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