{Kid-Made} Chocolate Factory

It’s a kid chocolate factory day!   This morning we had a kid-made fudgy batch of fudge.   There isn’t a recipe more loved at Kids Activities Blog than one that involves chocolate so let’s bring it on!

I’ve heard it said that some people don’t have a sweet tooth, but they’re certainly not members of my family. And at Christmas, when we’re giving gifts to people whose tastes we might not know so well, such as neighbours and our children’s teachers, I think a chocolate gift is a great choice.

chocolate factory

Chocolate Factory

Here’s an idea for a child-made Christmas gift that’s super easy to make and looks and tastes great too.

We make these home made Christmas chocolates every year and they’re always a hit. With a little help, the children can make them themselves – they’re quick, easy and fun. Oh, and yummy too. And to make them there are only three simple steps:

1. Melt some chocolate

Use a good quality chocolate, put it in a glass bowl, and place that over a pan with a little boiling water in it. Take care not to get any water in the chocolate, but instead let the heat from the boiling water rise up, warm your glass bowl and make the chocolate melt from underneath.



2. Make your chocolate shapes

Help the children to remove the glass bowl from the heat and set it down on a mat. Then you need to use a spoon to make your little chocolate shapes. You could spoon circles of the chocolate onto non-stick baking parchment. You could put some into silicone baking cases. You could pour out a big pool of the chocolate onto baking parchment to make a large slab.

3. Add your toppings

We like to set up a pick-and-mix station with a selection of toppings, so each child can choose the flavors they or the recipient like best. Toppings you might include are chopped candied /  glacé  cherries, chopped nuts such as pistachios and hazelnuts, chocolate chips, mini marshmallows, raisins, cranberries, candied peel, and sugar sprinkles. Adults might like the addition of  chilli  flakes or sea salt (yes, really!) Drop a few toppings onto each little chocolate and you’re done.

recipes for kids

Leave your chocolates in a cool place (but not the refrigerator) to set. Then you can pop them in a Mason jar, gift basket or wrap them up in  cellophane  and you have a homemade Christmas gift for the children to give.

More Recipes for Kids

Do you have a favorite chocolate dessert? We’d love to hear about kid-made chocolate treats.   For more recipes for kids, check out these yummy ideas:


  1. these look great, thanks for sharing. I left a comment on your fizzling chalk and I’m dying to know the answer before a Christmas Party I have to attend. Is there anyway you can see that?? Thank you so much!!

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