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matching games

Matching Games

We’ve been playing all sorts of of fun matching games lately. We have been playing a treasure hunt game where my son pulls a letter out of a bag, and then finds an object that begins with that letter. This time, we played two variations of this game.

Pre-Reading Activities

Game 1.
I began by printing out the letters of the alphabet. (You can download our printable pre-reading activities here). Next, I gathered items from around our home to represent each letter of the alphabet. I placed the items in alphabetical order, as shown in the picture above. These were the objects I collected for A (an apple), B (a ball), and C (a cup). The printed letters were left in a jumbled pile nearby. My son then found the printed letter that corresponded to each object, and placed the letter underneath the corresponding item.

pre-reading activities

Game 2.
For our next game I arranged a group of objects in random order instead of alphabetical order as we had done in the first game. My son found the matching letter and placed it beside each item.

pre-reading activities matching games

These games are great for enhancing letter recognition. To extend the challenge, you could try searching for items that end in the letter selected, instead of items that begin with that letter.

Color Game

Next we played a treasure hunt color game. We put all the colored squares from our free color game into a “mystery” bag and my son pulled out one colored square. He then searched for as many items as he could in that color. To add to the fun, we sometimes set a time limit of two minutes. I’m always amazed at just how many items my son will gather in that short time.

color game

Early learning can be fun with kids activities like this!  For more matching games and pre-reading activities, take a look at some of the other Quirky Momma ideas:

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