Olympics for Kids: Laurel Wreath

olympics for kids laurel wreath

A kotinos or laurel wreath is given as a prize to a winner in the ancient Olympic Games and it was a horse shoe shape. It was placed on the winner’s head to celebrate their victory.

A simple laurel wreath can be constructed and displayed on your champion’s head using three simple materials.

Supplies for Olympic Laurel Wreath

  • Green pipe cleaners*
  • Laurel leaves with two small vertical cuts placed in to the middle of each.
  • Bobby pins to hold the crown in place on your child’s head.

How to make an Olympic Laurel Wreath

You simply thread the pipe cleaner through the two slits in each leaf. It is easiest to thread the pipe cleaner through up from the bottom of each leaf then down the second slit.

Once have your first leaf in place at the end of your pipe cleaner, you can continue placing leaves on the pipe cleaner by weaving them on until they are all in place.

The leaves may slip of either end of the pipe cleaner if you don’t fold them down under the leaves closest to them. A simple bend at the each end will hold them in place.

With the row of leaves completed, you are now ready to bend it into a horseshoe shape and place it on your child’s head. You may need to use bobby pins to help the laurel wreath stay in place.

*Weaving the pipe cleaners can be challenging for small hands. To make leaf weaving easier for younger children you might want to choose a thin pipe cleaner.

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