Paper Crafts for Kids: Paper Dolls with Spray Adhesive

When my sister and I were growing up we had a steamer trunk full of paper dolls.  It was probably our favorite thing to play together.


Now that I have two daughters who are old enough to play with dolls I thought it would be fun to introduce them to some of the many paper dolls that are available to be printed online these days.  Two of my favorite sites for finding free printable dolls are a collection of Helen Page dolls and from  Practical Pages, a post with dolls and outfits that kids can color themselves to illustrate many different historical eras and countries.

I was not, however, excited about all time the intricate cutting and folding this would entail.  (My girls are not old enough to do the cutting themselves yet).

So the other day when I was at the craft store and spotted some removeable spray adhesive I thought I just might have the answer to my problem.  Instead of using the little foldable tabs to attach the dresses, I just lightly sprayed each dress with a little adhesive so that they stick to the dolls, but can be easily peeled on and off.  It was so much easier!

It was easier for my two-year old to put the dresses on and off this way and also easier for me!

Not only did I not have to cut the tabs, but I didn’t have to cut away the white space around each doll.  It made hats a little nicer as I didn’t have to make that tricky slit down the middle.

paper doll clothing

The trick also works nicely for storing the paper dolls.  I just stick everything onto a piece of scrapbook paper to save for later.

Want more activities with dolls and girly things?


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