A terrarium is a great way for children to explore gardening and create a home for some of their small plastic treasures.

My son struggles with allergies that keep him inside a lot in the spring.  However, he loves to work with dirt and plants.

So I decided that we could create a small closed terrarium garden in our kitchen that he could work on and dig in. Beyond being a wonderful place to dig, it quickly turned into a place for him to play with his miniature Star Wars characters.

Here is how to build one for yourself.

Terranium Supplies:

  • A glass container with a lid or a placed up cycled plastic salad container with lid and without holes ( While glass is ideal, we used the plastic container option for safety reasons.)
  • Filtered charcoal ( It can be found at nurseries or pet stores.)
  • Small pebbles
  • Moss and small plants
  • Potting soil or compost soil
  • Small ceramic or plastic treasures to decorate with

Directions to make your own Terranium :

  1. Place the charcoal on the bottom of the container.
  2. Place small pebbles on next.
  3. Potting soil goes on the pile next.
  4. Moss and other small plants can be placed around the terrarium. Leave space between the plants for your small treasures to stand. The plants will like having the space too.

The terrarium should stay closed most of the time to allow the water cycle to take place, but playing or rearranging the toy treasures has been totally fine at my house.

Gardening is great fun for kids and it can even allow for imaginative play with Star Wars characters!  Here are some other fun gardening ideas for you and your child.  Remember, dirt washes off so have fun with it!

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