Kids are Messy

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As a mom, you spend so much time fighting messes, sometimes it’s fun and a little freeing to just let go and embrace the mess {read to the end to find out how Quirky Momma is making it EASIER to embrace messes with the help of Seventh Generation}.

Life is messy!  Kids are messy!

kids are messy paintman Our family embraced the mess one day last week when my husband was home during Spring Break.

We called our game Paintman  It was kind of like a life-sized version of Hangman, minus the hanging and with lots and lots of paint!

Make a Mess!

We set up the game board on the side of our house (I’m sure the neighbors thought we were crazy) using butcher paper, masking tape, and tempera paint.

My husband and I agreed on the first word and taped up that number of blanks.

First up was our older daughter who we sent to the “gallows.”

She guessed one letter at at time.

If she guessed correctly, my husband painted it on the correct paper square.

If not, she got a body part painted by her very obliging younger sister.

messy girls with paint We did:

    • nose
    • cheek
    • cheek
    • chin
    • forehead
    • neck
    • arm
    • arm
    • hand
    • hand
    • foot
    • foot

If she guessed the word before all of her body was painted she won, if not…well, you’ll see. messy kids paintman “Hmmmm, I wonder what it could be?”

“M? No, it’s not ‘Liom.”

She guessed the word just in time (with only one unpainted foot left).

Next up was little sister who needed a little more help guessing.  We sang through the alphabet with her several times to help her remember the names of letters.  She thoroughly enjoyed being painted, and I think she was a little disappointed when her word was finally all filled in.

two messy girls paintman Of course, no game of Paintman would be complete without the opportunity to paint a parent.

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