How Do You Stop a Child From Being Disrespectful?

How do you stop a child from being disrespectful? When they are acting entitled or rude, it certainly makes you want to change their behavior fast.

We asked our friends and readers what they did for their kids because it isn’t just you or me dealing with these issues.   We hear them every day from friends and readers, so why not ask those who have already been there & done that, right?

stop child from being disrespectful

How to stop a child from being disrespectful: 

(1) Set clear limits and stand firm with what you say. Your child will learn to realize that you will follow through and start to show more respect.

(2) Give your children respect. In doing this, you are modeling what you expect.

(3) Get on the same page as your spouse. If you and your spouse are on different pages, it can become confusing for the child.

(4) Set realistic expectations. Many times we forget that kids are young and learning and can expect them to be perfect. There will be poor responses and name calling, acknowledge this and press forward.

(5) If he is disrespectful, calmly correct him and then later talk more in depth about what happened.

(6) Remember your child is not your friend. When you are in the midst of raising a little one, you need to remember that you are training a child to become a respectful person.

(7) Role play what respectful behavior is. You can even turn it into a game taking turns being the parent and child.

(8) Praise your children when they act respectfully. Tell them what you are proud of them for.

(9) Kids learn by watching us. As you interact with your spouse, do so with respect. They are watching and modeling our behavior.

(10) Be consistent with consequences and how you respond to your children.

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