I prepared fish, bread, vegetables, and latkes for fifty women at church last Thursday. We broke bread, ate cheese, woofed down desserts. Does it feel like Christmas yet?
We listened to talks about Christ’s birth, life, death, and resurrection. We remembered the many miracles Jesus performed. (I discovered how to turn off the beep on my camera so not to ruin everyone’s spiritual moment.) Does it feel like Christmas yet?
I fancied all the beautiful decorations–the nativities, the lights, the floral arrangements. I took comfort in the beautiful singing, the angels, the prepared food. Does it feel like Christmas yet?
Then I remembered the true meaning of Christmas: Not all about pricey gifts and fabulous parties. Instead, about Jesus Christ’s miraculous birth and glorious, yet humble, life. I gave thanks to Heaven. And coveted my neighbor’s shoes.
(Because those shoes were adorable and I hadn’t figured out at that time how to turn the beep off my camera.)

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