We are into week 42 of summer in my head.   In real life it is closer to week 5. Rhett reaching into a pond BUT because I am an extremely attentive mother or thrive on cheap and easy entertainment the boys all do about 45 minutes of “schoolwork” prior to any DS, TV or Wii. It is cruel and unusual around here. I think of it as my own Mommy Bootcamp. Ryan(8) is working on reading.   Reid(6) has to catch up on Kindergarten.   Rhett(3)…well, Rhett just needs to be busy so he isn’t launching himself off the top of the fridge testing the theories of flight. Ryan has protested and protested and protested and protested.   Have I mentioned his gift of perseverance? Reid floats through his workbooks copying the illustrations and adding his own.   In his world he isn’t bound to proper sequence or completion. Rhett demands to be treated equally.   Who am I not to comply? Last time I was at the homeschool store I picked up an early education handwriting book that looked like more fun than work.   He has been working through it alongside his brothers.   He calls the activities “mazes” and tries to negotiate his pencil through the alphabet by staying between the lines. It occurred to me this morning that I should mention to him WHAT LETTER HE WAS WRITING so that he could learn the alphabet as well. I am quick like that. He was working fervently on the letter “P”. Making a straight line. Making a half circle. Rhett, do you know what letter that is? No. It is a “P”. Oh. Do you know what sound it makes? POOP! I couldn’t have been more proud…

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  1. My kids are being raised by wolves this summer. As 10 and 13 year old boys? They would definitely dig your house WAAAAYYY more.

  2. I have a feeling this is one of those stories that will get told over and over through the years. Thanks for the laugh!

  3. That made my laugh out loud. My husband and his sister have been working persistently to teach my two daughters a wonderful diarrhea song, complete with sound effects. There’s no end to the poopiness …

  4. Poop continues to be the funniest thing we can say. Butts continue to be the funniest thing we can *show*. So much pride, I can barely contain it.

    Hey, if it’s showing him the ropes, who are we to complain.

  5. I sense a June Cleaver Does The Alphabet book in the works! You might know an author that could help get you published?

  6. Ooh Rah!
    Damn it said my comment was to short. I guess I have to write a flippin’ dissertation in order to get recognized as peep of the week around here.
    BTW P is for poopy that’s good enough for me!