shauna profileYesterday, I made fajitas from scratch. I literally cut the meat into strips “ marinaded it all day “ cooked it “ then threw it all in the trash. That is not good. I took a few pictures of the whole event but decided to scrap them when the meal ended up in the trash.

But tonight. Yes “ tonight was a different story.

I started with this. It is pork in a frying pan.

Macy did a little of this: stirring and smiling.

Which progressed to this: Pork on top of stirred potato concoction

I was determined to get a finished product picture since the fajitas were a disaster. I promise you that I couldn't grab my camera fast enough ¦

Pork on top of creamy potatoes.   Delish. I bet you want a recipe.   I grabbed it from this weekly menu website “ check it out!

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