As a mom, we are always trying to find more time to do it all: More time to clean, more time to cook, more time to work, more time to play with our kids, more time to spend with our spouses, more time to take care of ourselves. It feels like a hamster wheel sometimes, a wheel that keeps spinning, but never lands at a stopping point. Finding Time To Do It All Today, I want to share 5 ways to find time to do it all… or at least do more of it. 1). Get rid of it. Get rid of some of that stuff! I recently finished the Declutter Course (a 7-day course where you declutter your home… a room a day… with the instructor leading you through it) and I can tell you that less is more. Trying to constantly clean up “stuff” and toys and everything else is just exhausting. Who has time for it? We want to spend our time on people and on doing things that we love, not trying to clean. Get rid of the clutter to gain more time. 2). Get offline. Try to limit yourself to 30 minutes a day of “fluff” time. If you aren’t online to work or research something important, try to stay offline. It is just a time suck. This goes for the TV, too. 3). Now plug back in! My favorite thing to do is to use my phone and listen to a great podcast or a great station on Pandora. I find that I work much faster (cleaning) when I am tuned in to a station and tuned out from other distractions. 4). Prepare your meals once a week. This was so hard for me when I first did it, but now I love it. I prepare my meals once a week, on Sundays, and put them either in the refrigerator or freezer until we are ready for them. 5). Prepare the night before. As I learned in the declutter course, when I really prepare the house and everything else for the day before I go to bed, we all wake up ready to go. We are organized and so much less stressed. The time is saved and no one is yelling. It makes a huge difference. All in all, if you want to find time to do it all, you have to cut things out. You can’t gain more time and I’m not going to tell you to ignore things, like keeping your house clean or cooking meals, so just try to remember to put those things (work) before other things (play) and you will get a lot more done. Ps- remember that organizing doesn’t have to be overwhelming?  We LOVE this declutter course!  It’s perfect for busy families and written by a mom of four (she gets what we are going through as busy parents). Find out more on our Facebook page.

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