Greg, who is now calling himself my blog-Stedman, purchased a plug in vaporizor thing to help with stuffy noses. When he plugged it in last night we found that it also had a blue nightlight which cannot be turned off independently. This is where I go all high-maintenance…a bedroom should be completely dark. No nightlight. No light from electronic devicesssss. No light from security system key pads. No light from the moon coming in through the blackout shades. No light whatsoever! So the vaporizer cast a blue light throughout the room causing dreams that I was sleeping on aisle 3 of K-Mart.

Please note the slide show at the bottom of my blog. It was quite the learning experience for me and quite a lofty achievement from my non-tech brain. I am finding that in order to keep up with my creative side in 2007, I must continue in tech training. People who call my cell phone just realize that they will be likely hung up on at some point in time. I have accepted that I can’t run my fancy phone (even with Kelby & White’s 219 page “The iPhone Book” which I have carefully studied and I should have posted on my reading list). It is my opinion that this whole computer thing has gotten out of control. I think that originally things were done a certain way because of primitive computers and now that things COULD be easier they are now more complicated because they have to do it the way people are used to doing it PLUS adding a bunch of new features with new ways to control them and together it all doesn’t make sense. Give me a break–start from scratch and then give me a call (and I will try not to hang up on you).

I am calling for a class action law suit against the inventor of the snow globe. I have now cleaned up the remains of TWO broken snow globes in the last 15 minutes (yes, you read that correctly). The whole idea is flawed. Who thought it would be a good idea to place water and glitter inside a very flimsy and slick piece of spherical glass, put the musicbox winder under the base and then encourage shaking? Kids cannot keep their hands off these things and obviously mine don’t have the coordination to handle it. You will be able to see the residual glitter stuck permanently into my distressed wood floors for years to come. The good news is that there are only 2 more snow globes to go…

I want to publicly announce that my yoga teacher is trying to kill me–just in case anything happens…I started yoga about 4 years ago for the childcare at the gym. I chose yoga because I don’t like to sweat (OK, that is 2 of my high-maintenance tendencies in one blog which seems a bit much for one morning…). I continued it because I always feel better when I leave then when I came in. I like the fun and chatty yoga classes, not the militant zen ones. Unfortunately for me, the further you get into yoga the harder it becomes. And the whole sweating thing…I am now going to hot yoga (not the crazy Bikram kind) but it is hot and well you can fill in the rest.

Last night was good TV night. We watched The Amazing Race–my team is still in it, but last at this point and blog-Stedman’s was eliminated last night which was awesome for me, but undeserved for them. I then had this week’s Project Runway on RePlay and watched that as well. I still don’t have a favorite on that show, but would wear the top two designs last night in a minute (WHOA…high-maintenance tendency #3…I better just stop here).

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  1. I wish I had known about your blog sooner…we are high maintenence kindred spirits. It drives Derrick crazy that I must have absolute darkness and silence in order to sleep. Clicking tocks, LCD lights from alarm clock: can’t have any of that. He tried to run a humidifier at night and there was almost mutiny. I also must have doors shut — bedroom and bathroom — and not just pulled mostly shut: clicked shut. Yikes. I am high maintenence. Glad I’m not alone though.

  2. The hippies are my team and I am hoping they can pull out some competitive spirit at some point.

    Love the heat, not so much the sweat.

    Thanks for the nice comments…I have been searching the world wide web for the gazillions, but only find how to make certain body parts larger…

  3. so far I have been glad to see everyone on the Amazing Race go. who is your team? I think I like the hippies but I don’t think they are mean enough to win. …

    LOVE hot yoga, but what’s up with the sweating? and why do I not walk out two sizes smaller after ONE class? I’m so confused

    nice slide show — you are going to end up starting some blog web site and make gazillions.