Pets ARE Messier Than Kids!

I am the mom of three boys and one dog named Panda.

Throughout the years of being a parent, we have had a collection of pets:

  • Cats named Tigger, Hillary & Scooter
  • Dogs named Abigail (English Bulldog) & now our Frenchie, Panda

it is pets who are messier

Who IS Messier…Kids or Pets?

Kids Activities Blog has been challenged by our sponsor, Spot Shot to tackle the question:

Kids Vs. Pets:  Who’s Messier?

Since I have VAST experience in this, I am going to explain my position below {giggle} and YOU can voice your opinion by voting HERE.

I can only speak for boys, but in my experience kids are very messy.  They create mountains of laundry, piles of dishes and oh, the stench of sporting equipment!

But no matter how big the mess might be, kids can help you clean up.

That is why pets are messier.

They just aren’t helpful…no matter how nicely you ask or how much instruction you give.

Panda is always interested in my cleaning tutorials, but she is yet to take action!

Those dirty paw prints across the carpet, that spilled water and food around her bowls and the stuff animal that is in a million pieces all are messes left for human clean-up.  No matter how much I beg or how long I wait, the wreckage remains until I grab the cleaning supplies.

Oh my!

The good news is when it comes to carpet messes, I don’t need much help because of Spot Shot.  I was first introduced to Spot Shot nearly 20 years ago and I have had a can ever since.  In the years that we had 3 cats, I used it almost daily!

pet Spot Shot

Even though I have been using Spot Shot for 20 years, it still amazes me to see a mess on the carpet that makes me cringe and then lift it easily and entirely with Spot Shot.


I can’t even imagine what I would do without it…install all tile?!

Who Do You Think is Messier?

Do you agree with me?

Cast your vote for who is messier – kids vs. pets now.

Join in on all the fun!




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