Kids ARE Messier Than Pets!

I am the mom of three boys and one dog named Panda.

Throughout the years of being a parent, we have had a collection of pets.  We have had up to three cats at a time (named Tigger, Hillary & Scooter) and a dog (originally Abigail, an English Bulldog & now our Frenchie, Panda).

When the boys were young, having pets was just another thing to clean up.

It seemed like an endless list of cleaning tasks, but now that we have just one dog…I can honestly say that KIDS ARE MESSIER!

Kids are messier than pets

Kids Are Messier Than Pets

Kids Activities Blog sponsor, Spot Shot has challenged me by asking which is messier, Kids vs. Pets.

Pets got a bad reputation for messiness in my house because there was a group of them, but when you break it down to just one pet vs. one boy

The boys wins in the messy department every single time!

Boys get into everything from backyard dirt to kitchen spills.  But what is very impressive about kids is that you can give them almost anything, walk away for a minute and when you return, you can’t even believe how quickly they turned that item into mayhem.

And don’t get me started on their lunch boxes {how can something start growing in just a few hours?} or their backpacks {papers smashed into a new form of chaotic cardboard at the bottom}.

Oh my!

The good news is that Spot Shot exists!

I was first introduced to Spot Shot when we moved into a newly built house with light beige carpet almost 20 years ago.  The last few days before closing had been rainy.  When we finally got the keys to our new house, I saw that someone had walked through the entire house with muddy boots.

My beautiful creamy carpet was ruined!

I called the builder in tears.

They sent out someone to clean the mess…and they brought a can of Spot Shot.  I was extremely doubtful until I saw the results.  And we bought our first can later that day.

Spot Shot Kids

Throughout the years I have tried other products, but when a kid or a pet creates a carpet mess, it is Spot Shot that I reach for!

Who Do You Think is Messier?

Do you agree with me?  Have you found your kids are messier than your pets?

Cast your vote for who is messier – kids vs. pets now!

It is a really fun survey being conducted by Spot Shot.




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