At this time of year, it is easy to get caught up with older kids schedules…back to school is a busy time! While there may be moaning and groaning, one of the things that almost every kid will agree on is that it is nice to see their friends regularly. And one thing that most moms agree on is that it is comforting to get back into a schedule! The Little Gym - Kids Activities Blog What about the littler ones?  The kids that either are too young for school or are going on a more limited basis… Getting these kids into a regular class where they see friends regularly is a great way to ease into a schedule. One way to do this is through Parent/Child & Kid classes at The Little Gym.  The Little Gym is a Kids Activities Blog sponsor and inspiration for this article.  What I like about The Little Gym is that it is literally a learning and physical development center for children. BABY BONDING ACTIVITIES What that means for parents is that The Little Gym can provide structure in a fun environment that creates opportunities for kids to try new things and build self-confidence. Oh, and have a ton of fun! The Little Gym has a Three-Dimensional Learning approach.  Every class includes these three elements:  Brain Boost, Get Moving and Citizen Kid.  Three areas we all want our kids to master! While the kids have a good time, adults can connect. When my oldest was two, we moved to a new city.  One of the first things I did was look for a Parent/Child class because I knew that would be an easy way to meet local moms. It worked! In fact, the first class I attended I started talking to another mom whose 2 y/o daughter was making up a class.  She and I hit it off immediately and so did the kids.  That one class meeting turned into a friendship. The Little Gym kids connect We were inseparable for years.  It was great to have another mom with a kid the exact same age to discuss all the things that other people don’t want to talk about. And then we had our second children 3 weeks apart. And more things to talk about! While she and her family eventually moved when the kids were in grade school, 13 years later, we still are in touch. And it all started at a class for 2 year olds. Check into the amazing class schedule at The Little Gym near you.  Parent/Child classes start at 4 months old and there are a variety of classes for kids as old as 12. Gymnastics, dance, sports skills, karate, Kindermusik and the Wonderkids Club are all places where kids can experience Brain Boost, Get Moving and Citizen Kid. And you will never know who you will meet.

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