Back to school IS happening.  As much as my kids would like to push it back into September, October…maybe even November.

For us it is August.

August?!  That is why I am thrilled to be sharing this information with you from our sponsor, Under Armour – they now make school uniforms!

under armour school uniforms

Because my kids are returning to school in a few weeks, I am currently in the middle of making a book & uniform list.

And checking it twice!

Because my three boys are 2-3 grades apart and they go to the same school, I try and always save what could be used for a future year.

With books it is easy.  I place all the books in boxes by grade so we can “shop” our box when the next grade rolls around.  Some years it is great because almost all of the books are ones we already own.

For uniforms it hasn’t been that easy.  Boys are hard on clothes.  They treat everything like athletic wear!  Despite my best attempts to keep their uniforms looking nice and in one piece, they often don’t survive one school year…let alone being handed down for two more!

Under Armour boys uniforms for school

That is why I am super excited about the new Under Armour school uniforms.  They are made like all Under Armour clothing!

Comfortable and tough.

The Under Armour uniform pants have a little “give” in the fabric so they fit nicely, yet make it easy to participate in recess or an after-school game of football on the front lawn.

The shirts are awesome.  They are made of a light fabric that I normally see in performance active wear, but look crisp like a uniform shirt should.

I am particularly interested in the Under Armour uniform shirts because I have had a problem with the uniform shirts we have bought in the past (from another company whose prices are comparable) shrink in the wash.  It is such a big problem that after a few times in the laundry, it is hard for the boys to keep them tucked in without going up to a much bigger size than they need.

three under armour uniforms and a dog

These Under Armour school uniforms almost make me excited for back to school.

Shhh…don’t tell my boys!

Check out the full line of Under Armour school uniforms and watch the #UANEXT hashtag for all sorts of Under Armour fun!

School uniforms are exclusively on and at select Armour Factory House stores.

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