We gathered Monday for an outing at the Henrietta Creek Orchard…wearing our spiffy new AlphaBuds shirts! Mommy got a wild hair up her b*tt and decided we should have matching shirts for outings. They turned out cute, and it was easy to keep up with our group!
We met at the barn first & listened to Farmer talk about bees, apples, insects, honey…

And skunks on the farm….

The presentation was a *little* lengthy for a five year old, so Reese & his best friend started getting silly together…. Luckily Mrs. Tammy bought pumpkin bread to share, so full mouths & tummies kept everyone happy a little longer!
We went on a tour of the orchard/farm/gardens. Every time I come here, I think that this is what I want to do when I grow up!
The pizza garden grew everything you’d need to make a pizza (wheat, tomatoes, herbs). Of course, it was missing the cow. On our way through the vegetable garden to the greenhouse. Always time to run in open spaces! The pumpkin vine was very interesting. There were lots of bugs. And the vine felt prickly. We have the plans all printed out for our worm bin. I just need to get more ambitious and put it together. Why compost with worms? We saw red bugs… And red bugs in a line on the pea pods… We saw pollinators…. And destroyers… Unfortunately, the apple orchard was hit hard with a fungus and there were NO apples to pick! So everyone searched for bugs instead. The stuffed/plastic variety, not the fleshy variety! After our tour, Farmer let everyone grab an apple from the box. Instead of picking one from the tree, they were fresh from the farmer’s market this year. I’m still amazed that Reese will eat an apple, skin & all, at the apple orchard. Every other day? MUST be peeled!

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