Stick Figure synopsis of The Fey.

Today we are trying something a little different around here.  

I am going to take a nap and let Claudia take over….



Before I get out of here, I want to tell you that you are in good hands.   I love Claudia’s blog and got HOOKED on her last book, Denver Cereal.   About mid-way through the book there was no way I was putting it down and so it was attached to my left hand throughout my mommy duties for a day while I stole quiet moments to finish the story.   I just received her new book, The Fey in the mail.   I can’t wait to start it, but know once I do I must finish….

I am off to take a nap, well on second thought maybe to read just for a few minutes.

Hi, my name is Claudia Hall Christian.  Miss Holly was kind enough to loan me her blog to help promote my novel, The Fey.



Sorry, I couldn’t help the fleeting thoughts of using swear words like ‘kcuf’ on her blog, or maybe talking about ‘S-E-X’ or something truly X rated like ‘double chunk chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream’.

But Miss Holly would be disappointed with me if I used the word ‘kcuf’ or talked about ‘S-E-X’ or shared a spoon of ‘double chunk chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream’. And her disappointment would make me sad.

Thus, in the spirit of Club June Cleaver Nirvana, I have created a stick figure synopsis of the Fey.

Please note that Miss Holly uses fancy pens while Claudia only has (swear word) crayons.

We meet Alexandra Hargreaves in the middle of a major transition in her life:

We meet Alex when she is almost dying. Jiminy Cricket comes to take her soul.


we meet Alex's hunky husband, identical twin brother, crazy family and fun friends
Alex recovers but her fashion sense never heals…. so sad

A whole bunch of exciting, thrilling, page turning stuff happens….


In the end, Alex survives, whoops up on bad guys, loves good guys,
and even keeps her sense of humor (and her poor fashion sense).


And people really like it. Check out these reviews. More reviews posted here .
I did not pay anyone to write a review,
and none of these people are members of my family or sleep with me… ever….promise….

The Fey is available at Amazon.
For a 10 percent June Cleaver Nirvana discount, go to our Create Space store and use the code QB6GCAX2.
The Fey is also serialized online – one chapter a week at

One lucky Nirvana commenter will win a copy of The Fey today!
Leave a comment and Miss Holly will select a winner.

Thank you for your time and patience!

–Claudia Hall Christian


  1. I can’t believe it took me more than a minute to figure out what ‘kcuf’ meant. Looks interesting, especially the crayon sex.

  2. I will read anything, anywhere, anytime. But a good book is even better. Congratulations and pick me!

  3. Your stick figures are LOVELY! haha it’s excellent!

  4. Claudia you KILL me! BWAHAHAHAHA! It’s The Fey – A Children’s Story!

    This was hysterical!

  5. If Holly says it’s funny – well, then it’s funny. Because Holly KNOWS funny.

    Gotta’ get me that book. And the first one! Are you giving away one of those too??

  6. I am a little concerned that it isn’t Jimney Cricket, but more like Jimney Penguin…

    The only tip I have is that markers are easier to make LOTS of blood with! hahaha.

    Thanks so much Claudia for this. What fun.

    I will chose a winner late Sunday afternoon in preparation for a Monday Potluck Winner Announcement.

  7. If Holly recommends it and can’t put it down, then I am up for the read!!!


  8. The stick figures are taking over the world!!!!

    I am dying to read this book, but am on money spending restriction 🙁 boo.

    YAY for fun guest posts!

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