Finding Dory Cupcake Liner Craft

Are you living with a little Dory or Nemo fan? I have to laugh out loud because every time I go to the store, I hear a toddler saying to their parents, “Nemo, Nemo, Nemo! or “Dory, Dory, Dory!”

The Finding Dory Cupcake Liner Craft shared below is perfect for kids who just can’t get enough of those cute  little blue and orange fish.

Finding Dory Cupcake Liner Craft

Finding Dory Cupcake Liner Craft

The thing I like about cupcake liner crafts is that they are very forgiving. Kids can follow the directions, or simply hand over  the stack of cupcake liners and let their imaginations go  wild!

Materials Needed: (affiliate links)

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Finding Dory Craft Supplies


After gathering supplies, invite your child to flatten the cupcake liners. To make Dory, we used 2 blue cupcake liners and 1 yellow cupcake liner.

Begin by cutting one blue and yellow cupcake liner into right triangles. The yellow triangle should be slightly smaller and fit inside of the blue one (use a small dot of glue to attach them together). Now you have Dory’s fin!

Next, glue 1 entire blue cupcake liner down to a piece of paper to create the body of Dory. Place the fin onto Dory’s body with a small dot of glue.

Finding Dory Cupcake Liner Art

Next cut the rounded edges off of the rest of the yellow cupcake liner. Glue it to the back of Dory to create her tail fin.

Finish making Dory by glueing down a wiggly eye and creating a smile on her face with the black marker.

To create the seaweed, simply cut green cupcake liners and scrunch them together. This is great fine-motor practice for small hands!

Dory Cupcake Liner Craft

Complete the picture by glueing it onto a larger sheet of construction paper to frame it.

Finding Dory Craft for KidsFinding Dory Cupcake Liner Craft

If desired, have your child write, “Just Keep Swimming!” at the top of the paper.

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