You already know that we love to share tips about raising kids, fun activities, and our favorite kid-friendly recipes. Every week we want to share some of our favorite reads: the best parenting advice from around the web. Honest Mom We share many viral posts on our Facebook page, but we are going to gather them here in one place, for easy access. 1. MOM’S BRUTALLY HONEST POST REMINDS US BREASTFEEDING ISN’T ALWAYS EASY Sneak Peek: As moms, we hear a lot about how beautiful and natural breastfeeding is. What we don’t hear nearly often enough is how hard it can be. One California mom thinks women should be able to speak more openly about the struggles we face while nursing, and that’s why she recently shared a painfully real confession about the difficulties she’s encountered while trying to breastfeed twins. Read more on Scary Mommy here.   2. YOU KNOW YOU ARE A MOM WHEN Sneak Peek: Instead of talking to adults, you spell to them. You think waking up at 7:00 is sleeping in. You have more crayons in your purse than money. Picking up another human and smelling their bottom doesn’t seem abnormal. Read more on Your Modern Family here.   3. 28 TRAVELING TIPS TO MAKE YOUR NEXT TRIP A BREEZE Sneak Peek: Going on vacation or planning a road trip soon? While the destination is fun, the travel experience is often less than stellar. From packing to making the most of your time in the car (especially with kids), a few traveling tips can go a long way toward making your trip more enjoyable. Here are the best travel tricks and tips that we ™ve found. So, start packing! Read more on One Crazy House here.   4. HOW TO LOVE BEING A MOM Sneak Peek: Before my husband and I got married, I really wasn’t a kid person. I was focused on my corporate consulting career and I wasn’t even sure if having kids was for me. Now, as a stay-at-home mom of two daughters, ages 6 and 3, I have truly learned how to love being a mom. Read more on Kid’s Activities Blog here.   5. MOVING PAST SURVIVAL MODE Sneak Peek: The months after I came home from the hospital with my second son were spent in survival mode. My days were filled with learning how to balance two very different children. Exhaustion overwhelmed my soul and I felt like a failure as a mom. Throughout my entire pregnancy with my second child, I had envisioned the days ahead spent playing Thomas the Train together and running around outside. What I didn’t envision was a baby who did not sleep well, potty training being such a struggle, and so many other things. Read more on Living In This Season here.   6. TERRIBLE, HORRIBLE, NO-GOOD, VERY BAD, PARENTS WHO WON’T ALLOW SLEEPOVERS Sneak Peek: Last week, I saw my little boy’s life flash before my eyes and it shook me to the core. We were coming back from the pool and I had stopped to talk to a neighbor. He was on his little bike, waiting patiently for me 30 feet ahead at the corner. A three-year-old’s patience only extends so far, and everything that happened next, happened in an instant. I was too far away to stop it. I saw the truck speeding, I saw my little boy, inching forward, pedals in motion. Read more on How Does She here.   7. 27 PARENTS SHARE THEIR MOST AWKWARD MOMENTS Sneak Peek: We recently asked the members of BuzzFeed Community to share their most awkward moment as a parent: 1. Mortified, I asked him what he was doing. Read more on Buzzfeed here.  
8. IF SCHOOL DOESN’T END SOON I MIGHT DIE Sneak Peek: It’s May, ya ™ll and I am so done. I want to be done with homework, done with parties, and most of all, I want to be done with Field Trips. I just bought enough Lunchables to make it from now until I go to the grocery store again, because if I have to come up with one more nutritious but still delicious lunch, I might die. Read more on Totally the Bomb here.   9.  SENSORY PROCESSING LOOKS DIFFERENT Sneak Peek: Sensory processing is a term becoming more and more familiar to parents. However, there are still a number of misconceptions, and sensory processing might look different than you expect. There are often sure fire ways to know your child has sensory issues. However, there are also some behaviors that get overlooked. It took me eight years to really understand that this was an issue for my child, and I wish I had seen the signs earlier. Read more on here.   10. LET THEM BE LITTLE Sneak Peek: It’s starting to happen more often, now. A judgment made that she’s too old to be in diapers. The expectation that she has any concept of age or enough motor control to hold up two specific fingers on command from a stranger. I had an uncle who had to bring his birth certificate to every youth football game he played in and even then, he was eventually asked to leave the league. His brother was shamed while trick-or-treating at age twelve when he towered over his peers. Read more on Liza Dora here.   If you want more popular parenting posts, check out a few of our latest ones: 13 No Mess Activities for Kids The Perfect Morning Routine for Moms You can find even more posts like this on our Facebook page.

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