Family Fun Secret Weapon

I have three boys which means that we spend a lot of time outdoors!

I was once one of those moms who packed light and figured it would all work out.   And it usually does.   But that all changed on a simple walk through the forest.

family adventure on the mountain

Kids Activities Blog is excited to be partnering with Neosporin  + Pain, Itch, Scar because as you will soon see, it is a really good fit for us!

We were in Colorado at a relative's home.   We planned on staying for several weeks and exploring the surrounding area.

So many trails!

So little time.

Our favorite trail is a paved trail that parallels an amazingly gorgeous river.   Rocks, trees, flowers, wildlife, and so many other treasures.   It is the type of path you could go on daily and see something new every day.Family Adventure in Mountains

The path travels away from the parking area.   Something that had never occurred to me until this particular day.

We were walking and my three boys were running along the trail as boys do.   The paved area is great ¦but the adventure lies beyond.   They were traversing the river on fallen tree trunks and looking for bears (thankfully they were unsuccessful in that quest).

Rhett who was 8 at the time, saw a fallen tree that made a bridge up a hillside.   He jumped over to the base and started climbing up.   The trunk was covered with intact branches sticking out perpendicular to the trunk.   He tripped on one branch and fell into another splitting open his thigh.

There was screaming, blood and the realization that we were about a mile from our car.

I was a mile from the car with no first aid kit.

Thankfully, one of the hikers on the trail  was more prepared than me.   He opened his backpack and found the things that I should have brought myself.  We ended up treating Rhett with a new Neosporin product called Neosporin + Pain, Itch, Scar, and I’m so glad one of the hikers had it on hand because it worked so well!  After some attention, some extra kisses and a little time. Rhett was able to walk for a bit and then piggyback ride for a bit.

What I learned that day was a very innocent walk can turn into something more serious, but I don’t want that to limit our adventure which is where preparation comes in!

NEOSPORIN secret family weaponNow I always keep Neosporin  + Pain, Itch, Scar in my backpack or bag whenever we are headed, especially as we are gearing up for more spring and summer adventures.  In addition to preventing infection, it also provides pain and itch relief and minimizes the appearance of scars, so it is a great all-in-one product to keep around!

NEOSPORIN Pain Itch Scar

A big thanks to Neosporin  + Pain, Itch, Scar for sponsoring this post and inspiring us to climb every mountain!  All opinions expressed are my own.