When I moved from the big city to the country two years ago I knew one of the many things I really wanted to do was plant my own garden that would provide my family with  a good source of fresh, healthful produce that we grew ourselves. When I was a kid, we always had a garden of some sort (in the city!) and having my own garden seemed like a logical next step. More importantly, I wanted my children to have their own individual experience helping in growing organic food to instill healthier eating habits for a lifetime to come. That’s where the Mantis tiller came in. mantis keather 650 Kids Activities Blog is really excited to partner with Mantis on this article. Although, at first, my big plans of creating a garden to help feed my five children and myself seemed like a huge task to undertake, the Mantis tiller we are using has been essential in realizing my garden goals. The first year we used a heavy, bulky gas-powered tiller that was a pain to maneuver in our large raised beds (not to mention took up so much space). Just bringing out the old tiller felt like a chore in and of itself. This year we used a Mantis tiller which weighs just 21 pounds. I chose the electric model, because I’m a single mom and don’t want all the fuss with a gas-powered motor. Mantis does offer a 20 pound gas-powered tiller  which is a perfect solution for many, especially if you don’t have a power source nearby  like I do. mantis garden 4 According to the CDC, 9 out of 10 kids still do not eat enough vegetables! Using a Mantis tiller has been beneficial to  me as a mom in getting my children involved in our produce growing decisions. I let them each pick out a vegetable and variety to plant and then we all get involved taking care of the garden together. mantis garden 3 I have hard, clay soils that I am trying to amend with my own compost creation (aka kitchen scraps and farm waste). The Mantis tiller was able to power right through our rock-hard clay soil to a depth of 10 inches (2 inches more than a standard tiller). I’ve even put it to good use turning my compost pile every week or so. mantis garden 1 mantis garden 29 squares 650 Mantis tillers also come with another feature that allows you to easily switch the tilling tines around so you can cultivate and weed. If you’ve ever grown a garden, then you know how back-breaking weeding can be! Because Mantis tillers are so light-weight, I was able to take it anywhere I wanted to in the garden. Seriously, a Mantis tiller weighs less than an average one-year-old baby! Once you’re done using the tiller, just fold the handles for easy storage until the next time you need it. mantis tiller Don’t think you have to own a 10 acre mini farm like I do in order to ever derive any benefit from a Mantis tiller. When I lived in the city a Mantis tiller could have easily helped me with my flower garden and herb garden. I love the sense of independence I have felt using it — my roots are  more firmly planted in self-reliance and healthier eating habits. It’s such a small investment that will last a lifetime (or my five kids lifetimes to be exact). It’s an investment that keeps on growing. Check out where you can see the Mantis tiller that is perfect for your family’s garden. A big thank you to Mantis for sponsoring this post and making our garden more magical!  All opinions expressed are our own.

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