Tried to Win a Car from Ellen & it was an Adventure ¦

shauna profileto say the least.

So here's the 411.

On Tuesday morning, I saw tweets from Ellen alluding to a big giveaway.

I had a few things planned with Macy that day “ we were going to the Pumpkin Patch and having lunch at Chick-Fil-A after “ but I was completely willing to skip all of it to win Ellen's biggest Twitter giveaway ever. That's just the kind of mom I am. Luckily, we were able to get all of our stuff done before announcements were made on where to go and what to do.

3:05 PM: Ellen tweets this: I like lemons. I also like Lemmon Avenue in Dallas. That's where Sewell GMC is. 

Kip is picking up the kids from school at this time “ so I immediately grab my purse, keys and kid and jump in the car. I call him as I am driving out of Flower Mound & tell him to get home so he can navigate for me. This is surely a race to Lemmon Avenue ¦isn't it? It looks like a race. It feels like a race. When people are racing like this “ they often forget things ¦like shoes for their kids ¦right? Right????

We arrive at Sewell GMC on Lemmon Avenue in really good time “ probably too good of time.

We stand around waiting for directions “ there are probably about 75 people there when I get there.   I hold my head up high as I tote around a 4 year old sans shoes. Oh, and she is also covered in marker because she was decorating a pumpkin when I swooped her up to leave. And I mean covered “ face and all.

At 4:00PM We get directions to write Ellen  on a dollar & turn it in for a raffle ticket.   The money would be donated to benefit Susan G. Komen for the Cure ®.   If all else failed “ we had donated to an amazing cause and that was good.

Here is a pic of Macy and I standing in line for our raffle tickets.

It worked out nicely because we were able to get our raffle tickets and run to Target for some new shoes.   Phew.   Oh, and wipes “ did you see the marker on the face?

Here is Macy's new-found outfit from Target ¦hot stuff!

Upon arriving back at the taping (started @ 6pm) “ 12 contenders were chosen at random. I quickly realized that there was no need for me to rush out of my house and drive 200 MPH to Dallas, as half of the contenders probably arrived at 5:30PM.   Those 12 people made costumes out of a bag of random stuff to compete for 5 finalist spots. I soooo would have ROCKED this competition. I really should have been a costume maker by profession.   The final 5 received a key that may or may not start a brand new GMC Terrain. I mentally checked out around 6:45pm when I realized that I just might be here for no reason at this point.

Sure enough “ 7PM came “ some chick won the GMC Terrain (it wasn't me). Another chick (actually a single mom who probably deserved it) was given a trip to Disneyland with her son. A few t-shirts were thrown in the crowd. And that was it. My kid scored a new outfit from Target. My back hurt from standing around all day. And I had this deep feeling of regret for abandoning my real life responsibilities to gallivant around Dallas all day trying to win a car from Ellen.   I don't know if you realize how badly we need a new car. But we do. Badly. And we needed it given to us please.

Man, I am whiny.   Ask my friends and family “ I have pretty much been this way since Tuesday. I need to get over myself. Selfish and whiny really doesn't suit me.   Life is good. I have it good “ I know this. So, now that my story has been told “ I will go back to my content, happy, thankful & positive self.

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  1. Too bad you didn’t at least get an E for Effort! 🙂

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