Organizing Coupons

I’ve recently been sucked into the world of coupons and have TONS. I didn’t know what to do with them and had them scattered everywhere. In a drawer, in my wallet, a few in my purse and a couple random ones in my car. I took this tip for a website and ADORE this system! I turn to my “coupon binder” every week before I go grocery shopping.

Buy a binder, separators (with tabs), and some baseball card holders and VOILA! Insta-coupon binder. It’s been especially helpful because I have them separated into sections – food, baby, household, store coupons (like CVS extra bucks). Plus you can turn to the back of each page to see the backs of the coupons and the expiration date.   If you’d rather have “free” stuff (and who wouldn’t) here is a site with lots of free samples.

***   Edited to add: Chelsea has a new blog with tons of tips and giveaways, here is her blog:

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