And the winner is…

We have started a new tradition in our family
that marks the arrival of fall and the festivities that it brings.
For several years we have enjoyed a day of free activities at
Nash Farm in Grapevine.
There is cotton to pick, ponies to ride, music to enjoy…
and of course pumpkins to decorate.
The Nash Family farm house and surrounding grounds take you back in time!
Last year they started a pumpkin treat contest and
a scarecrow contest!
Oh yeah…count us in!
We worked with friends to create a traditional,
award-winning scarecrow.
This year we were ready to create another winner!
Neighbor Beans help Butter stuff fresh hay into our scarecrow body.
Plans are laid to create a black-clad law-enforcing Texan.
Mama gets to work on the face…
This Sheriff has made his mark through-out the state…
Austin goes in the middle of his face,
Dallas-Fort Worth to the north eyebrow
Houston to the southeast jaw line
San Antonio around the southwest cheek.
El Paso goes out west, way west….
Sheriff Ben Everywhere is born!!

Wow! This road-warrior scarecrow is really taking shape…
a few more details and we’ll have a winner!

Sheriff Ben Everywhere proudly wears his first place blue ribbon.
Heads turn as he creates a stir.
People stop to admire.
Families gather around and smiles are captured.
This Texas Sheriff Scarecrow stand tall
thanks to the custom-made scarecrow frame the Big Dog Daddy made us.
Sheriff Ben Everywhere.
If he could, he would ride off into the sunset on his horse.
Of course…
well, maybe next year!

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