The Starbucks generation…

Let me clarify to the world that when my children are holding child-size Starbucks cups they are NOT drinking coffee! Starbucks is one of the few establishments in the world that serves soymilk for Rhett and will give child size regular milk for Reid. I, on the other hand, am drinking something yummy–Venti, soy chai tea latte to be exact! On our way out of Target this morning, Starbucks cups in hand, a lady stopped me to ask what the baby was drinking (and probably what was I thinking????). Oh my!


  1. Happy Campers says:

    You mean you don’t load up your three boys with caffene while you’re taking them grocery shopping? Oh you are a neglectful Mommy. Shame on you. HA! You should just tell those Nosey Nellies that it’s coffee, for the baby, yes. See their eyes turn into the size of dinner plates. 🙂

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