Chevy Party at The State Fair of Texas — Whoo hoo!

Last Thursday Chevy invited Burb Mom readers to a private event held at The State Fair of Texas.

We all held our breath about the weather – really Texas, rain for 2 straight weeks?

Although it drizzled on the way to the fair, it seemed to know that moms, dads and kids needed a bit of a break.   The weather was cloudy and cool, but NOT rainy – yeah!

Chevy Party at the State Fair of Texas - we were here

We gathered at the Chevy tent and test track.   Everywhere we looked we saw families enjoying the day.

There were cars, food, activities and fun…and then the whole State Fair of Texas to enjoy.

Chevy Party at the State Fair of Texas participants

Some of the participants even took advantage of the Chevy tent’s computers and internet access…

Really girls, is THIS necessary?

Chevy Party at State Fair of Texas bloggers

The kids were enjoying the mini-test track and coloring contest along with lots of snacks.

Chevy Party State Fair of Texas

Afterward, I ventured into the State Fair of Texas with my family – for the very first time.

I know!   I know!

I had never been to the Texas State Fair.

I had to meet Big Tex…

Big Tex at State Fair of Texas

Yes, I obviously didn’t know where my husband was when taking the picture since we seem to be looking in entirely the wrong direction.

I was a little obsessed with the fried food.   I tried fried butter, fried coke and fried cookie dough.   We checked out the midway, the Chevy Main Stage, the car show, the Texas-sized Ferris Wheel and even saw the World’s Smallest Horse.

State Fair of Texas collage

What a super fun day.

Thanks to the people at Chevy who organized and sponsored the entire event – it was great!

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  1. Holy Crap what happened to my hair?!

    Had an awesome time! Thank you Chevy and BurbMom!

  2. Loved the pics, Holly! Thanks for including me in the DFW blog events =)

  3. I was so, so sorry to have missed out. Instead I was home with the Flu! Looks like you all had a great time though!

  4. Looks like fun! I just moved to Texas and I’ll be sure to attend your Chevy Party next time around!

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