So… we had a SUPER time on our first post- baby date night! The concert was outstanding, and the company was as good as it gets! Love you Michael! Muse, the band that opened the show were great – but the real heart of the show was of course U2. Bono was in amazing voice, and the rest of the band sounded unreal. It was a date night full of romance & rock-n-roll! Because this was the first time my husband and I have left the baby since she was born 14 months ago – we were nervous about how it would go.   But, we needn’t have worried about leaving our daughter, Miss Molly with my brother and sister in law. From the moment they arrived she was smitten, and took no notice of mommy and daddy – even as we were leaving! And we were so relieved when the concert had hardly begun and we got a text from them saying Molly had eaten, and had a bath, and had gone to bed with no problem!! Yay, baby girl!! We were so proud of our little pumpkin!! And once we knew she was okay, we could relax and enjoy some great music!

And now, some pictures I took during the concert! Enjoy!

(The crazy claw like stage…waiting for the concert to start)

(Bono strolling the 360 degree stage, wearing the iconic sunglasses)

(Michael and I with stage in the background)
( Loved the enormous screens showing on the spot video footage)
( A sea of over 70, 000 faces)

*Additional video clips can be seen at

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  1. Hey Shannon! So glad you and your hubby enjoyed the show! My husband is a serious U2 fan…I mean serious. He arrived to wait in line at 11:30. I arrived at 4:00 and we thankfully met up inside the pit. We were so close to the stage it was unreal!! What an awesome experience! The only issues was that I had some monster boobs by the end of the show. I had missed several feedings (I am still breastfeeding) and was a little uncomfortable…no jumping for me for fear of a black eye! 🙂 I am grateful we were able to see such a great show!