As a mom, I wish I had  the ability to magically remove any and all sickness from my children,  but that is not the way things work. No amount of sanitizing is going to block everything. Basically, it’s not a matter of if my kids get sick, but when. Always when. So instead, I try to be prepared. Being prepared means I have things ready for when the next round  of cold, cough, or flu hits. Because isn’t being prepared half the battle? Today, we are partnering with our good friends at  Boogie Wipes  to share  10 Cough & Cold Tips for Moms  because we want YOU to be prepared, too. cough & cold tips for moms

10 Cough & Cold Tips for Moms

Here at Kids Activities Blog, we get that being a mom is tough work.  And being a mom to a sick little is basically a full-time job, with overtime, during a holiday rush. We hope these tips will help you get through this next bout  a little faster and a little easier.
  1. Disinfect it all-  When one of the littles gets sick, the first thing we always have to think about is how to prevent the rest of the family from coming down with it, too. Disinfecting everything including bedding, toys, backpacks, and phones can  help decrease  those chances and hopefully keep everyone else healthy and happy.
  2. Push those fluids-  Anytime a child is sick, they aren’t going to want to drink or eat as much. But pushing the fluids (and especially keeping electrolytes on hand) will help them feel better, faster. I try to stock up before anything happens so I don’t have to run to the store once the plague hits.
  3. Keep moisture in the air-  Humidifiers are great for those of us living in dry climates because they assist in  keeping your child well by putting moisture into  the air  they breathe. This is especially important when they are sick  because it can help clear the mucus and let them get that much needed rest.
  4. Give warm baths– Baths always  make everything better!  They can ease away the aches and pains that come along with being sick and help the little relax and, again, rest better.
  5. Promote good hygiene-  Teaching good hand washing habits is important  and with multiple littles at home it’s even more important to keep up with those good hand washing routines. Also, remind your kiddo’s not to share cups and food. It’s way too easy to pass germs back and forth and no one wants a house full of sniffly children. Also, keep a stock of toothbrushes on hand so that the old ones can be thrown out after each round of illness. This keeps the germs in the trash where they belong.
  6. Wipe it all away with Boogie Wipes– Boogie Wipes are a natural and effective way to wipe away all those boogies. Not only are they soothing to little noses, they contain saline which helps bust through the mucus to give your child some much needed relief.
  7. Unplug from your  social life-  When our little ones are sick, it is important to spend comforting moments with them, which means unplugging from social media. Not only is it a great time to reconnect, they’re often even more receptive because they want so much to be held and loved on. Seriously, it’s like the best part of having a sick little. It’s like suddenly this child who hasn’t let you hug them openly for weeks now wants ALL the love. True mommy bliss.
  8. Travel with care-  Travel with a care bag tucked into your diaper bag so that you can combat illness no matter where you go. Mine includes  a thermometer, cold medicine, Band-Aids, and of course Boogie Wipes.
  9. Blast away mucus with a mist-  Boogie Mist is the perfect companion to Boogie Wipes. It’s  a non-medicated saline spray that is easy to use with kids. One little squirt can help reduce the sniffles and clean out those nasal passages. You’ll be surprised about how fast they ask for it!
  10. When in doubt call the doctor-  Most of us become pros at dealing with cold and flu symptoms pretty quickly, but sometimes no amount of mommy care is going to fix what’s wrong. If something doesn’t feel quite right, go ahead and call the doctor. Trust your gut. You aren’t bothering them, and maybe they can offer you a solution that you hadn’t already thought of. Part of being a great parent is knowing when to reach out for help, and that’s what the doctor is there for.
cough and cold tips for moms

Never Be Without Boogie Wipes Again

Now that you have these tips under your belt, you can ensure your little ones will be feeling better in no time. The first time I gave Boogie Wipes a try, my youngest was several days into a miserable cold where nothing I did helped. Boogie wipes made a world of difference. In fact, after using the wipes and spray my kiddo slept peacefully for the first night that week and so did I. I will literally always have Boogie Wipes and Boogie Spray on hand (probably next to the spare toothbrushes and electrolytes) from now on. I know once you give Boogie Wipes a try, you’ll never want to go without them again, either! boogie wipes essentials in diaper bag

More About Boogie Wipes

Tissue, paper towels, or even your sleeve are  savage  on a little one's skin “ especially when you're wiping 20, 30, or even 40 times per day.  Unlike other wipes, Boogie Wipes have no harsh or drying chemicals. The natural saline dissolves mucus without irritation due to Vitamin E, Aloe and Chamomile. Boogie Wipes are also phthalate  and paraben-free. You can learn more about Boogie Wipes on their  website,  watching this video  (see below).  The good news is that they are available everywhere including your local grocery store.

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