Are your preschoolers learning their colors?  How about developing hand and eye coordination? The game Twister is great for developing spatial awareness in kids.  As they contourt their bodies to follow the directions that are yelled out to them they learn where their bodies are and how to move to reach the various dots of color.  The traditional game is great at developing core and gross motor skills! This game is the same, only for fingers!  We created a homemade educational game,  Finger Twister Boards finger twister game2

Make Your Own Game

Print up either the black and white Twister game sheet.  Your kids can color in the dots to the game!  We put our colors into lines, but you can mix up the colors too! OR… Print up the full color Finger Twister game sheet.  Keep a sheet in the car and during long car rides your kids can play twister, keeping their hands to themselves and their brains engaged! finger twister game for kids

Homemade Educational Game

Put letters in the circles and you say the sounds and your child needs to put their fingers onto the correct letter. Do you have a kiddo learning site words?  Instead of using colors, fill the dots with the sight words that your child is learning. Is your child having a blast with math?  Help them be even faster.  Write math problems in the circles (ex: 5+3).  You say the answer (8) and they have to find the correct question that solves it, and put their finger down! Is your child struggling with finger strength?  Make this game a real workout by adding a large, loose rubber band around their fingers, as they move their fingers the bad will give just a little bit of resistance, helping them develop   finger twister printable Download the game pages: finger twister color finger twister bw finger twister color small  

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