It is a new week so that means a new printable worksheet, and we have a fun printable that compares weight and height!

This time it’s all about what’s taller or smaller and what weights more and what less – grab these comparing weight and height printable worksheet. It is a great worksheet to add to your child’s curriculum.

Comparing Weight and Size Printable worksheet with a bunch of apples compared to one apple, a big pumpkin and small pumpkin, a lot of pears and not very many pears.

Comparing Weight and Height Worksheets

These worksheets are great for not only teaching kids about which ways more, and which is bigger, but is a great way to start teaching kids about opposites.

Sometimes opposites can be confusing, but these weight and height printable worksheets will teach opposites vocabulary like: big and small, heavy and light, many and few.

Plus, with the pages that have bunches of fruit, it could be used as counting sheets as well.

These Worksheets Are Perfect For Kids

These worksheets are perfect for an array of ages. These are simple enough for toddlers, though you may have to modify the instructions, as well as preschoolers and even kindergarten children.

Weight and Height Worksheets

There are 3 pages where kids will have to compare objects and determine which are shorter, lighter and heavier.

Circle The Shorter Picture

We have one page where they’ll have to identify and circle the objects that are shorter. The objects include: trees, apples, pumpkins, pears, leaves, and sunflowers.

Circle Which Is Heavier

This worksheet you will  look at the same objects in different sizes or numbers and identify which one is heavier. You’ll be choosing from apples, pumpkins, and pears.

Circle The Lighter Objects

Last but not least, this worksheet is where preschoolers will have to identify which of the objects on the scale are lighter.

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