You know we are all about “easy” here at Kids Activities Blog.  Life seems complicated enough! Fun can be easy! This is one of the best tips.  It is inspired by our sponsor, Juicy Juice. Juicy Juice push up - Kids Activities Blog A Juicy Juice Box Push-up Popsicle! This is awesome on so many levels.  All you have to do is throw some Juicy Juice boxes in the freezer and a push-up popsicle is ready when your kids arrive after for an after-school snack. Or you know that time when you need to take sports snacks?  Pre-freeze as many boxes as you need and then pop them into the cooler for transport to the big game. Juicy Juice Pops on Kids Activities Blog We experimented with several versions – adding a popsicle stick (or two) to support the frozen goodness, but we found the best version was the simplest! I like Juicy Juice because it is 100% juice.  No added sugar.  No high fructose corn syrup.  No artificial sweeteners. Oh, and it includes 100% Daily Value of Vitamin C. steps for Juicy Juice Pushup

Here are the steps to making a Juicy Juice Box Push-up Popsicle:

  1.  Freeze the juice box.
  2. Remove the straw and save for your next craft project!
  3. Lift up the “wings” on either side of the top of the juice box.
  4. Clip off the triangle wings.
  5. Slide scissors into one end where the wings were clipped and cut across the top of the juice box on the front.
  6. Repeat on the back.
  7. Squeeze from the bottom.
  8. If the frozen pop doesn’t easily pop up, run the bottom of the juice box under hot water for a moment.
The good news is the drips fall back into the juice box and if any melts, it is nice and cold juice at the bottom. Juicy Juice Popsicles - Kids Activities Blog Even though not all our tests (like the one with the multiple popsicle sticks) worked, they all tasted AMAZING! How do you enjoy your Juicy Juice?  Hop over to the Juicy Juice FB page to share your favorite ideas or see others. A big thank you to Juicy Juice for supporting Kids Activities Blog and inspiring fun snacks!  All opinions expressed are my own.  

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