I’ve always wanted to learn how to make paper, so we tackled that activity this summer. It’s actually a lot easier than I thought it would be! My son loved getting to see how all the pieces came together, and it was a great lesson for us both.

Plus, this is the perfect recycled craft. Use newspaper, scraps of paper, whatever you already have at home!

How to Make Paper

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How To Make Paper

Here’s what you need for this tutorial for How To Make Paper:


First, you’ll need to assemble the screen.

How to Make Paper-2 copyHow to Make Paper Frame

Take apart the picture frame so that the back and front are removed — you just want the frame itself. Cut the screen so that it is just a bit bigger than your frame and staple it onto the back.

Now you’re ready to begin making paper!

Cut the newspaper into strips and then cut it into smaller pieces. Add it to your blender. Pour in just enough water to cover the strips and begin pulsing.

How to Make Paper Pulp

You want to create a wet pulp — the more water you add, the smoother your paper will be.

How to Make PaperHow to Make Paper

Press the pulp onto the screen and blot with a washcloth or towel to remove excess water. Allow to dry overnight.

Your paper is now ready for drawing!

How to Make PaperHow to Make Paper

Ours was thick because we didn’t make the pulp very fine. My son actually really liked the bumps and texture of the paper. It was fun to draw on and he loved creating a unique piece of artwork.

How to Make Paper

Try this cereal box robot next — it’s another fun recycled craft.

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