DIY Toy Toothbrush Holder

Kids bathroom need an update? Check out this DIY Toy Toothbrush Holder!

Just take a plastic animal toy and turn it into a super fun (and inexpensive) toothbrush holder that your kids are going to go crazy over! We made ours out of an elephant, but you can use any large plastic animal that has a hollow body.

make a toothbrush holder

DIY Toy Toothbrush Holder

Turn your kids’ unused plastic animal toy into a cute and practical bathroom accessory. This toothbrush holder takes minutes to make, and is sure to please your kiddos.

Elephant Toothbrush Holder

To make your awesome new toothbrush holder you will need:

  • A large plastic animal with a hollow body (we chose an elephant)
  • Marker
  • Drill bit that matches the size of the toothbrush
  • Small drill bit
  • Power drill


Start out by taking your plastic animal and deciding how many toothbrushes you need to fit. We did 5 in our elephant!

Using your marker, mark out where you want the holes for your toothbrushes to be. Once you have your holes marked out, use the first smaller drill bit to drill the initial holes.

After you have those done, take your larger drill bit and make the holes bigger with the second bit. 

how to make a toothbrush holder

Clean up the holes, stick in the toothbrushes, and put it in the bathroom to surprise your kids with their new super cool toothbrush holder.

How fun and creative!

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