Since the day our children are born we do our best  to make them feel secure, loved and very happy. It’s an untold parenting rule. But then busy life happens and we tend to forget (I know I do) some of the most important, yet very simple things that actually do make our kids feel great. I gathered the list of ideas that will help you make your child feel great. Try them and you will be surprised how effective they are. And the most awesome part is that it’s totally free. ideas to make your child feel great There is never enough of I love you. Say it often. Say it always. Show your child that the power of their hugs and kisses means the world to you and can fix a lot of grown up problems. Ask for it. At dinner table ask your child what were her best/worst parts of the day. Let your child overhear you complementing them to other people. I caught you being good jar. Find the free printable at How Does She.   caught-you-being-good-printables-3 Compliment! As much as it’s important to give children compliments it’s also crucial to teach them to GIVE compliments, because it is as satisfying as receiving them. Give kisses and hugs often. Don’t count them. Teach your kids to laugh. A lot. Even at themselves. Encourage them not to take themselves too seriously because they would be missing out on a lot of fun. It’s OK to make mistakes – as long as you take it with a positive attitude and a good sense of humor. Thank your child. Here are 25 ways to thank your child you never thought of.. Forgive. Spend all day with your child.  Just your child. Let them express themselves and be truly them. Try not criticize your child even if she has a negative emotion or reaction to something. 35 Ways to Make Kids Feel Great Wake up your child with the smile. Nothing else, but smile and a kiss. Listen to them when they want to talk. Treat it as it’s the most important conversation of your life. Ask for their opinion often. Even on some important decisions. Trust them to do things they never thought they could. Here are real life  challenges every child should try. real life challenges for kids Ask for their help. Admit your mistakes. It won’t make them feel better, but it will be easier on them when they make mistakes. They will realize it’s not just them. Surprise them. Here are 10 ways you can surprise your kids without spending a dime. surprise kids note Pay attention to little things. Remember their friends’ names. Even toy names are important. Make them feel special by picking the cutest and unique to them nicknames. When telling night time stories put the story book down and tell them stories from your life. Dance together on regular basis. Create a family secret handshake or password. Let them get messy. Whether it’s in the puddle or when mud painting or making  fake snow. Make things together with your child. Maybe some DIY toys using things in your recycling bin? Break the rules. Occasionally let them stay up late or sleep in in your bed. Don’t forget to say sorry when you do something wrong. printable-lunch-notes2 Make school lunches more awesome by adding lunch notes. Allow your child to make choices. It will make them feel important and valued. Be easy sometimes: “you have no chores today!” Keep your promises. Sing along when your child sings. Tell your child that her mom/dad are the greatest. Make sure to save every single card and necklace they ever make for you. Show them you treasure those gifts and will keep them forever and ever. make your kids feel great I truly hope you get to use some of the ideas to make your kids feel great every day. Simple, pure love and affection build the foundation for the real happiness in life. By showing kids love every day we are giving them the best gift ever. Read more: 25 Most important parenting articles   Simple parenting tips you don’t want to miss

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