Don’t Buy It – Make it! Things You Never Knew You Can Make Yourself

There are many reasons on why homemade foods are best: 1. By making your own food you will save a lot of money 2. You will save your health by avoiding all these unnecessary ingredients (dangerous chemicals) in your favorite food items. Next time you are the grocery store, take a look at the label of your favorite ketchup bottle. It has tons of unreadable ingredients.

But we understand that we are all busy parents who may not have time to spend hours and hours in the kitchen making homemade butter from scratch. We gathered the best, healthiest, fastest recipes of random food items you can easily make at home instead of buying at the store for a fraction of price and in just few minutes.

suprisingly easy foods

Food you didn’t know you can make yourself

Homemade mayonnaise.  This one was a big one for me. I always struggled making my own mayonnaise. Until this. You can actually make your own very delicious flavored mayo in just 10 seconds! Yes! It’s amazing!

This DIY butter recipe could be easily made with the help of the kids.  

Learn how to make coconut milk yogurt. It’s delicious!

How about your own coconut milk?

Homemade mozzarella cheese has been on my list forever! I could save so much money.

Making your own baby food is the best time investment for your new baby.

you can make this yourself

Homemade foods… that surprise you.

Homemade bread doesn’t have to take long to make. We have easy peasy recipe for you.

These homemade potato chips taste so much better then the store bought ones.

Why buy? Homemade flour tortillas are super easy to make.

I wish I knew this when my kids asked for store-bought goldfish crackers.  

Homemade donuts. Because you are the best mom in the world!  

make things 4

DIY can be EASY and Tasty!

Vanilla extract is expensive, but necessary in your baking. There is way to make vanilla extract yourself. I bet it tastes even better than a store bought one.

Learn how to make delicious coffee creamer.

This homemade taco seasoning mix only take few simple ingredients. Try it out.  

This one is for Starbucks lovers. Did you know you can replicate famous Starbucks frappuccino? Yes. Here is the recipe and also tons of reasons why you should rethink about buying another cup of frappuccino.  


diy sauces

Recipes of things you can make at home

Pesto!  It tastes great  in pasta and on flatbread.  Make your own!

Make your own ketchup. It’s easier than you thought.

Hummus.  You’d never believe how easy this was to make!  Homemade food made easy!

DIY at Home – Ranch Dressing, the cherished staple of any toddler.  This version is better for you than the store bought stuff.

Vinegar.  You never thought you could make that, right?  You can!

Make your own hotsauce to go with those buffalo wings.  Yum.

make things 2


Homemade Foods

Healthy homemade mango fruit roll ups. Perfect afternoon snack for kids!

Are you like and can’t live without Nutella? Good news, you can make a lot healthier version of it yourself.  

You kids will love this homemade peanut butter.

Best granola bars ever!

Did you know you can make your own sprinkles? They would be perfect for cupcakes.

My kids love this homemade nesquik.

make things ice cream

Ice-cream made at home!

How about cream pops? Kids won’t say now to that!

And you can even make banana icecream… with just bananas!

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