Kids are so curious!  Time to capitalize on it!  Give your kids a problem and see if they can find a solution!  That is what we do with our kids when we do STEM activities with them.    STEM activities are creations that kids use to learn emerging  concepts from Science, Technology, Engineering and Math fields  – hands on, while exploring.  You give your kids a problem (or better yet, they discover one), give them some tools, and watch your kids develop critical thinking skills as they solve the conundrum. Today’s activity was inspired by Sylvan Learning.  They have a new after school enrichment programs titled Sylvan EDGE.  As part of that program kids do hands-on STEM projects after school.  Kids can build robots from Legos, learn how to apply software to real-life scenarios, they can explore coding and even create their own video games or animated stories.  We were inspired by Slyvan Learning to make water travel up!   We guest posted this STEM activity over there! Thanks for being sponsors of this blog!  

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